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My sis

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wannabenormal posted 6/19/2013 22:18 PM

Why, just like WHY is former BIL such a douche?

Like most of us BS', my sister is only trying to do the right thing for her child and crumb-bum W-BIL just fights here about every.damn.thing.

She's already going through shit that isn't related to their marriage (i.e. a recent job loss, for example) and he just always manages to douche out.

My sis is just like WTF?! I'm over you leaving for my BFF, I'm over the fact that you are a goofball and control shit - can't you just like step outside your silly world and check into reality?!

My heart breaks for her constantly. I mean, I think I have it 'bad', but apparently I don't at all!

W-STBXBIL can't leave on time to get their child back to sis. He can't be bothered accepting her EXCESSIVE evening calls to their child (excessive being 1x around bedtime, he feels sis should only call every other day). He can't be bothered with school stuff (my sis' child was asked nicely to back out of a club because child couldn't attend enough...meaning BIL wouldn't take the child...why?!). Sometimes I think I have it good...

Oh and let's not even go there with the way he permits his skanky OW to assist in child rearing (and I don't say she's skanky because I love my sis, this bitch IS so skanky!! I met her ONCE and while I'm pretty laid back - holy shit she's a mess, not to mention a part of the 'old' family).

I hope XWBIL gets his comeuppance because if anyone's earned, it's him. Fartknocker!

stronger08 posted 6/20/2013 02:08 AM

You know the drill here. Document, document, document. She needs to prove he is not a responsible parent. Therefore not allotted any significant amount of time with the child. Less custody = more CS. There are two sure fire ways to piss off a WS.
1) Hit them hard in the pocket.
2) Show them that life goes on without them.

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