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My trigger trip to the upholsterer

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whatdoto posted 6/20/2013 13:53 PM

DS and I were taking some chair cushions to be recovered. I got to the area the map said it was in, but couldn't find the store. I turned down a street to circle back to where I was and looked at the street was the name of the town OW lives in. Great.

Anyway, get the cushion thing done and DS and I are on the interstate headed home when I notice an 18wheeler in front of us. I look real close at the rear of the cab and in big, probably 14" letters it says "GOT BOOBS?". I'm like WTF? The story behind that is in March 2010 the city I work in did a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness and was selling pink rubber bracelets that said "I love bobbies". I thought they were cute, so I got 2. I gave one to WH thinking, I'll ask but he never wears stuff like that. Well, what do you know! He took it and put it on. Next day comes in from work and wants me to get 2-3 more. I'm thinking, OK, the girls up front must want one. Long story short, he wanted one for OW. She has big boobs. That's why he wore the bracelet.

So, my son and mom day turned into a trigger day.

That's just fine. Appt with L is next Tuesday. FTG

unfound posted 6/20/2013 14:22 PM

triggers. suck.

I'm so sorry

PhoenixGirl posted 6/20/2013 14:25 PM

Sucky sucky sucky! My triggers: driving through the town where she lives; coming in to work every day (she works where I work); pale blue cars; women with dark hair; the floor in my hospital where she works; the list goes on.

I feel your pain...

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