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ya'll ready for this? (tales from the douchecript)

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stretch13 posted 6/20/2013 13:55 PM

i saw a fresh email in an account i don't really use. it was from AT&T with whom i've done business for more than 10 years. recently i moved over to my husband's verizon plan. the email was from my bank. it was a notice that they had received my AT&T bill and that i owed:


i thought something had gotten confused when my account was terminated at the end of may. but no, that account was indeed paid in full and cancelled.

suddenly i remember the AT&T account i used to share with FT. he kept it going and some time ago, *we* transferred it to least i completed my part of the process. he gets all the bills and correspondence and has for a long time. the only notice i got was that a bill had arrived. i checked out a couple of earlier bills:


omg. so i'm on the phone trying to figure out which number this relates to and what happened. XH was supposed to cancel my number at the end of the term and carry on with just his number and name on the account.

so where did these charges come from? my old number, and as recently as this month, there was usage in Nigeria.

even better? he tried to claim fraud, but it was denied because he "*willingly gave the phone away with the SIM card in it.*" the problem started not more than a month ago, but when he called to take care of it two weeks ago, he chose not to cut that phone off. (huh???) he's gotten the charges removed for now...except the overdue ones for his phone. geez.

for those who may not remember...OW/OC are ethiopian. i'm not sure how that's connected but it seems like it would have to be, or i at least want it to be. who did he trust with that phone? i know she had another baby-daddy in the meantime who ditched her and ran back to ethiopia either right before or right after her second fatherless childbirth. trustworthy sounding folk.

(makes me wonder who has been reading all the texts some my friends have sent to that old number and the voicemails they left. they said they kept using it because no one ever told them they had wrong i found out later...WHY MY NAME was still recorded when the phone went to VM. i thought that had ended i wonder.)

i'm ok in this. FT will make the switch (now i know why he's mentioned it lately...he told me he thought it hadn't gotten done right and that we have to call together or something, which we don't...i'd done my part but he missed the window to do his and never told me).

also, worse case scenario, i could make a fraud case. it shows that i released the billing authority and that he never accepted it so it reverted. it shows that the active address and email on record are his. i would never have known about this except for the defunct old bill pay set up at my bank.

update: according to FT after a brief conversation, someone "'got my number' and made calls and passed data from Nigeria. it was fraud and they took care of it right away." i didn't tell him everything the lady told me about him giving the phone away with the SIM. he'd just twist into how it's not his fault and AT&T was trying to screw him over. i prefer to snicker and believe it's OW-related. of course, karmically, it's hard not to believe it is. oh yeah, and he mumbled about how there must have something "wrong" about the $515 balance on HIS phone...earlier in the conversation he'd said he'd already paid his bill this month so he hadn't been in to look in a while...he had to cover some lying tracks, badly.

i can't wait to tell my H this. he's going to .

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nutmegkitty posted 6/20/2013 15:06 PM

OMG that's crazy!!!!

(and I nearly spit water at douchecript - that's some funny shit )

Amazonia posted 6/20/2013 15:10 PM

stretch13 posted 6/20/2013 17:34 PM

he swears i didn't give him the phone. (and i can't believe i would have given it to him or gotten rid of it with a SIM still in it. it's all rather weird). i do think AT&T should eat this but right now they are telling him he's responsible for the $5800. they say it's his fault because even though there was no activity on the phone for almost two years, until May 20, 2013, since he never had it formally disconnected, he's liable.

he's freaking out. i think he's probably going to say i should share in this burden since it was my old phone. he should have canceled the account a long time ago. he's going to blame me for that too.

lordy i hope he doesn't pin this on me somehow.

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Ashland13 posted 6/20/2013 19:51 PM

Wow, that's amazing.

Some things are gong on like that here.

When Perv lost another job a while back, something peculiar went on with his phone. It was on the company's plan which I guess isn't unusual, but when he was let go, they wanted the phone back. He had a cow at them, for whatever reason, and was bound and determined not to return that phone.

He made a deal to buy the phone and the Sim card and said to me that when he went to the store to put it in his name, darned if there wasn't another employee at the door of the phone store who was sent to try to get it from him?!

He managed to not hand over the phone to the employee and instead sent them a dud he had in a drawer!

To this day I have not been able to look at the phone-I don't care anymore-but for a long time it bothered me and I would wonder what that was all about-he met OW through people at this job and who knows what kind of porn and texting was on it.

I wish you luck, Stretch.

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