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Email to my BH

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Misfit123 posted 6/20/2013 23:14 PM

I wrote this email to my BH last night. He said it meant a lot. And I meant every word.

Hi Mr. M
I just wanted to tell you that I Love You. It’s like I can finally see clearly. The fog has lifted. I want You and I want our marriage to work and be better than before.

I have learned a lot about myself and am very grateful for the counseling I have received. I see the terrible choices that I have made. How some of those choices started out so “innocently”, and thru time progressed to more emotional reliance (or dependence or addictiveness). And so went further into worse choices, and worse betrayals.

You are a wonderful man. I Am So Grateful That You Did Not Give Up On Us!!! You deserve so much better than you have received from me. And I want to make it up to you. I am going to continue to work on myself and us, through reading and counseling, journaling and reflection, and being open and communicating.
I am truly sorry that I betrayed you, our love, and our marriage vows. I almost let go of the best thing that has ever happened to me, having You in my Life. You and our wonderful daughters.
We have been thru a lot together, and I do hope and believe that we can get thru this too. With changes on both our parts, honesty, transparency, being genuine, we are on a good path to a wonderful future.

Love You Honey

BaxtersBFF posted 6/21/2013 00:15 AM

That's a great letter.

Jrazz posted 6/21/2013 01:15 AM

I'm so glad that you feel that way, and that he was able to feel good about what you had to say.

This is a great step.

LosferWords posted 6/21/2013 01:22 AM

I think this is a great letter to your BH. Keep saying/writing these types of feelings to him. It will help with his healing, even on the darker days when it doesn't feel like it is doing any bit of good. It really does help. Especially when you mean every word. Very well done.

Pudding posted 6/21/2013 06:27 AM

Well done and thank you. I wish I could get a letter like this from my FWH

SurprisinglyOkay posted 6/21/2013 06:57 AM


Skan posted 6/21/2013 20:16 PM

These are the kinds of gifts that BSs cherish. You can read it any time that you need/want to. You can hold it and see it. If you fold it up and put it into your drawer, you see it every time you open the drawer.

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