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Her first Date Night

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AFrayedKnot posted 6/21/2013 06:18 AM

One of my conditions of R was monthly date nights. We would alternate months picking and planning our dates. It was to get to know each other again and share an interest we have with each other.

For 19 months I was the only one to plan a date. It was a subject of frustration. I would think "you must not want to spend time with me", even though we would always have a great time when I would plan them. I would think "I am just not that important to you". It was none if those things. It was just plain old fear of failure.

Well Broevil finally planned one. Last night we went to a Sideshow and Burlesque show. It was awesome. We had so much fun and got so freaked out.

I hope it has given her the confidence to plan more.

catlover50 posted 6/21/2013 07:33 AM

I'm happy for both of you!

sisoon posted 6/21/2013 17:57 PM

Oh, boy, I'd like to take my W to a burlesque show - I don't think I've close to a burlesque theater recently, though.

Chicho, I urge you to hold broevil's feet to the fire going forward - not because it will hurt, but because it won't hurt. All she has to do is to arrange a simple date - nothing spectacular. She deserves the sense of accomplishment she'll get from arranging something you both enjoy, and you deserve a rest.

It turns out my W is better at it than I am, so we've had a lot more fun since she started arranging the entertainment.

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jo2love posted 6/21/2013 18:29 PM

Terrific update!! I'm so happy for you both.

Jrazz posted 6/21/2013 19:24 PM


Skan posted 6/21/2013 19:52 PM

That's wonderful! That's a date night that I would love to have!

Steppenwolf posted 6/27/2013 22:07 PM

This is great! I am guilty of not doing enough of this as well. Rocky is so great at planning dates for us, and it is often intimidating because I fear my plans don't measure up.
For about two weeks, I stressed myself out about how to make her birthday special. I put together what was going to be the perfect family outing, and it truly felt great. Unfortunately the skies opened up and it poured on my plans. We ended up going to the local pizza place and had a wonderful time, and I realized that these dates don't have to be perfect. I'm sure she will recognize that as well.
Planning dates can awaken the creative beast that lies within. And even if it ends with just getting pizza, the beast is awake and hungry for more creative planning.

Sorry for TJ

authenticnow posted 6/28/2013 05:14 AM

I'm glad you had fun!

I love watching the two of you in your journey .

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