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For reals?

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fyou143 posted 6/21/2013 16:05 PM

So I posted about a week or so ago of how to act once you get a confession from a Wayward.

This is my post before:
I had a question once you confront a WS and you get a confession and such how do you as a BS expect them to act? Or expect to carry themselves or deal when you have an episode of back flashes etc?

My DDay2 was a couple weeks ago and he confessed and told me the truth granted he TT but he admitted to DDay2 but not DDay1. Just a very long story either way I feel like he just wants to move over this bump in the road. Like he doesn't want to go through the whole me being down he wants me to get over with it and move on. Whenever I have a bad day and tell him something I guess I expect him to just take it take and ride the wave of pain he caused but he in turn just turns the whole thing in him being a victim and I just end it and figure it out on my own.

So i took the advice of someone who responded to my post. They had said to tell WH what you want him to do because some don't get it. While I went home during lunch we were "talking/arguing" and I told WH out right how I wanted him to act or respond when I have an off day or when i want an answer to a question. His response was "So now you want to tell me how to act and have power over me!"

All I could do is just be there pissed off now I can't freaking tell him how I want him to respond because now he thinks I will have power over him. I just really want to pound the freaking desk with my head!!!!!!!!

41andthankful posted 6/21/2013 16:17 PM

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