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Me, me, me

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Blameitontherain posted 6/21/2013 18:07 PM

Everything is about him.

WH was away for work for two weeks. I get it, it is work. But you are not working 24/7. They eat meals out, sleep through the night uninterrupted by kids, went camping and got drunk one night, hiking, and white water rafting one day. While working he still had breaks and leisure time.

While at home, I have the two kids 24/7. No help, just me on call. WH comes home and sells his truck. This means my vehicle is used for him to get to work the following week. So add to that 4 days of cabin fever with two kids. Finally Friday comes, I have a massage scheduled and a pedicure with friends. Me time!!! WH says we have to go look at a vehicle 2.5 hours from house. I was completely on board with him getting any used vehicle as long as he got an inspection done on it before hand. There have been choices in the past where literally thousands of dollars have been spent on lemons. This has been the agreement from the beginning. He starts on how it doesn't need an inspection, there won't be time, etc. I say fine whatever but I do question whether we will get back in time for my appointments. He says no. I mention that it took over a month to get the massage appointment (special promo, limited slots). He says fine we won't go. I could already tell from his tone and body language that he was in the martyr role. When that happens he gets an attitude and is hard to deal with until he gets over it. I give in and say come on let's go. He insists it is fine, I can tell otherwise and say move it. We go, massage and pedicure cancelled. Next massage appointment isn't until end of August.

The following Monday I get my hair done. 2 hours always from kids. Then this Friday I had a facial. 1 hour away from the kids. So my running total is 27 days with 3 hours away from kids. WH mentions that I got to have free time without that kids but he can't go fishing on Sunday?

Basically look, you got something, now what about me?

Why can't he be happy that I got some time away? Wow my wife hasnt really had a break lately, I'm glad she did that. she really needed it. Instead he looks at it like what do I get out of it? He is looking out for himself.

WH says the the massage/pedicure isn't his fault. He needed a car. He sold his truck so that we could pay off debt. I get that. I do. But why couldn't it wait until Saturday? Why was my stuff disposable?

We were about to go out to eat when this went down. I could feel myself escalating and I didn't want it to turn ugly. I said I was going to stay home and to take the kids. I was trying to control my emotions like mc said to do. Wh said no I don't want to. Then adds is this where older son gets his quitting attitude? Gee thank you for the low blow. Way to add gas to the fire. Thanks WH.

Sorry this is all over the place.

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