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yay for a recovery from the other guy....awesome phone call!

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She11ybeanz posted 6/21/2013 22:06 PM most of you know....the nerdy guy and I DID NOT see eye-to-eye today.... and we have decided to go our separate ways (which is for the best). If you butt heads in the beginning, its probably best to cut your losses!

BUT... the single dad that I had been emailing back and forth asked me a couple of days ago if he could call me... and he did this evening! I was rearranging my kitchen and cleaning up after my daughter went to sleep.... and he called. It was a good conversation! We talked about family... and running... (he runs too!) and he told me a couple of I told him some of my corny ones! We ended the conversation on a very good note.....AND....

We have a dinner date on Sunday to meet for the 1st time!!!

I'm excited.... and nervous..... but feel ready for this... and it feels good to finally feel like I'm in a good place!

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