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Found nude pics of WH, guess his at it again!!

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lovehurtstomuch posted 6/21/2013 23:27 PM

Last year in May I found out that my WH had joined a dozen dating sites and exchanged nude pics, plus had a one night stand. After digging I also found out he had a LTA with a coworker. It had only been 11 months and I find that he took more pics of himself in April. First its him wearing shorts without a shirt on, then its 2 nude ones. Obviously there for sex dating sites!! Of course he's lying again and looking guilty as hell saying they were for me. yeah right, cause I never received them. Plus he deleted them off his phone. He had also deleted his history during that time! He must think I'm a idiot!! I cant believe he would do this again. I would never send a stranger a nude pic, I just don't get it!!! I don't understand why girls are out there doing it either! He doesn't want to marry them though, there just for f----ing!!

I haven't been doing very well since dday, roller coaster alot. I tell him I want to break up all the time that I cant just do this. Mainly cause he keeps lying! He want talk about the affair, I had to found out everything from the OW. He says he wants me, loves me, and has been transparent for the most part. He just want talk to me and tell me WHY he did those things. (Besides the excuses every man gives; nagging.) He says he doesn't know why, I'm so sick of hearing those words, it says it to everything!!

I just thought he wanted to change, not be that kind of man. To make matters worse, he quit taking his bipolar meds 2 weeks ago. He finally made a IC appt. this week. I just dont know what to do anymore. When is enough, enough??? When his lonely, angry and doesn't think were going to make it, this is what he turns too.

Ostrich80 posted 6/22/2013 04:12 AM

I'm so sorry. I have no advice just wanted you to know your not alone. How disappointing for you and how disrespectful of him to throw away your gift of R.

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