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The OW is at it again

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DoneWithLove posted 6/21/2013 23:57 PM

I met with my H at his work for lunch. I asked him how work was going, he paused and looked at me with a kind of concerned smirk on his face. He proceeded to tell me that shes found a new family to destroy. Good for us but bad for them, I don't wish this on anyone. My H and the mans fiance work on adjacent lines and he works on a line with the OW a couple lines down from my H. She has been pursuing him even after he turned her down so he told his fiance and shes taking her to human resources to put an end to her behavior. The OW doesn't know who his fiance is but everyone knows who the OW is because of her A with my H. The mans fiance wants to befriend me now, im assuming for obvious reasons and wants me to partake in teaching the OW a lesson. Now, that's not who I want to be but I think the OW has an unsatiable yearning for attention and for some strange reason needs to get it from men already in relationships. Shes gonna get her ass handed to her by this woman but I don't think that will stop her from feeling entitled to whoever she wants... even after being turned down. The only difference between our two situations is that this man and his fiance aren't going through a rough patch. I mean it wouldnt bother me in the least if she didnt work with my H anymore, if this woman plays her cards right she wont have to go through what I am and she wont jeapordise her job. I believe my H now when he says that he didnt persue her and that she wouldnt leave him alone even after he broke it off with her. So at least shes out of the picture for us but my future is still uncertain.

Knowing posted 6/22/2013 12:11 PM

Considering you yourself saw blood on the moon recently and worried that it might be connected to the OW then I would say stay out of this situation. It sounds like a revenge scenario that could blow up in your face given your recent premonition.

DoneWithLove posted 6/22/2013 17:31 PM

Yeah, I know. I thaught about that too, I wont ever provoke either of them. I would love to be a part of her fall from grace but I know watching will be more rewarding in the end especially because nothing can be blamed on me. I have to be content with only hearing about it from my H and his coworkers because I have things to loose like my freedom and that would comprise my boys wellbeing. Im no genius but I know what not to do.

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