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What do you do when your H is out of town?

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authenticnow posted 6/22/2013 16:51 PM

Watch a Lifetime movie marathon about killers, of course.

Definitely going to double lock the doors and windows tonight. And check them twice!

Crescita posted 6/22/2013 17:21 PM

Ha I've done the same! Stay safe

authenticnow posted 6/22/2013 17:59 PM


wifehad5 posted 6/22/2013 19:02 PM

I wouldn't worry too much. The bears should take care of most of the killers

authenticnow posted 6/22/2013 19:31 PM

sisoon posted 6/22/2013 22:33 PM

When I was away from home as a road warrior or when my W was away, I too watched movies I couldn't watch when she was around - a little porn, but mainly classic movies that were tense thrillers or violent. Classics, not Lifetime.

Mauimom1 posted 6/22/2013 22:42 PM

I absolutely do not cook dinner. Take out for the kiddos every night!

stilllovinghim posted 6/23/2013 01:26 AM

Either watch something like Steel Magnolias or Terms of Endearment.

I've been known to also meticulously clean the house and plan my escape route keeping in mind where the nearest knives were in case I was attacked when my H used to work nights. Why clean the house meticulously you ask? So that: 1) if the cops show up with a camera crew the house would look nice...aside from my dead body and 2) its easier to dust for prints and collect evidence. Swear to Christ that was my train of thought.

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Jrazz posted 6/23/2013 01:48 AM

I once watched The Signs at my dad's house when I was alone - at 3am.... in a room with glass doors with no shutters.

Gluttons for punishment, we are.

wannabenormal posted 6/23/2013 01:55 AM

I used to wait for him to call, while I slept on his side of the bed...after I set house alarm.

One night house alarm goes off at like 3am. It's me and kids, SHIT! I grab XH's bat from under his side of bed and venture out of the bedroom. If I didn't have kids - I would've laid there crying/whizzing self...but I had kids.

Alarm people call - WBN, is everything ok? I say, I don't know, I have a wood bat and am walking downstairs.

Alarm people - ok, well we can't really stay on the phone.

WBN - you g.d. better!!! I have 2 babies, you are NOT letting me go!

Dude stays on.

Come to find my silly ass cat clawed open a door that triggered the alarm! Oops! TTYL, alarm peeps! I'm out.

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