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I hate finding out new things :(

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Akers2 posted 6/22/2013 22:22 PM

Tonight I found out while I was in Ohio with my broken heart, trying to take care of me and my pregnancy...that son of a BITCH kept her dog while she went out of town. Everyday Im finding out what a selfish prick I married. He let her dog into our's like he let a part of "her" into our freaking home. Why can't these ass holes just be honest..instead of letting our hearts break more every time we find something new. AAAAAAHHH...I just want to punch him, not love him. He doesn't deserve it.

MylarPineapples posted 6/22/2013 22:56 PM

I'm sorry, that really sucks. I understand what you mean about learning new information - I so wish they would just tell everything there is to know, all at once, like ripping off a Band-Aid. I think that would be so much better than being blind-sided by new betrayals over and over again. (((hugs)))

stunnedin12 posted 6/23/2013 08:05 AM

I hear you. That's really rotten of your wh.

I would have rather had 10 hours of gut-wrenching truth last year than to still be getting bits and pieces as early as yesterday.

1Faith posted 6/23/2013 08:15 AM

It's called trickle truth. They want to cover their asses as much as possible.

Sure, they'll say so they don't want to inflict any additional pain but it really is to minimize their horrid choices and hopefully preventing themselves from looking like even more of a jerk.


If her dog was in your house I can guarantee so was she.

It's sickening I know.

Stay strong. We are here for you.

Skan posted 6/23/2013 09:24 AM

^^^ Agreed. If the dog was in the house, the bitch was as well. I'm truly afraid that you have yet more TT coming your way.

WoundedOpus posted 6/23/2013 10:44 AM

I agree, hours or days of awful truths are by far better than finding things out little by little over months (or years)! Every time it's like finding out for the first time all over again :(

So sorry (((Akers2))) none of us deserve this.

I found out weeks later that he had given her the web address where I posted all of our family photos oh man, I've never felt so violated. He gave her a window into my life...I will NEVER be able to look at those photos the same way again :(

WoundedOpus posted 6/23/2013 10:45 AM

** oops, double post **

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