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The OW doesn`t know

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mangomoon posted 6/22/2013 23:59 PM

My serial cheater`s new flame has no clue who she`s met. She thinks she`s falling in love with an amazing guy. I want to warn her. I feel terrible knowing that she`s going to get the rugged pulled out from under her.

what do I say... what if she doesn`t believe me.

nolight posted 6/23/2013 00:47 AM

Hi mangomoon does she not know he's married?

1Faith posted 6/23/2013 08:25 AM

Tell her. She can choose to believe you or not. Are you married to this guy?

If so, what are you doing about the situation you are in?

So sorry you are here.

Good luck

solus sto posted 6/23/2013 08:29 AM

The OW is an adult in her 30s. She is old enough and experienced enough to evaluate potential partners for suitability.

If she does not know your WH is married---because he's willfully lied--that's something I would let her know.

But I would not devote even a moment of concern to what she might or might not know about his character; it's HER responsibility to assess that.

Often, women who have affairs with married men don't want to know the truth. The "couple" constructs a fiction that fuels their infidelity.

Anything you tell her is apt to be used as "evidence" to support their self-deluding stance, further fueling the affair.

Beyond, "He's married" (if she does not know), don't waste your breath.

She's not your responsibility.

OTOH, if she's married or in a relationship, I'd let her BS know. He deserves the opportunity to make informed decisions about his life, including the decision to be tested for STDs. And having another set of eyes can be useful.

Millions of hugs to you.

Skan posted 6/23/2013 09:22 AM

If she doesn't know that he's married, tell her. In the past, I have been in the situation of dating a man who professed himself single only to find out that he had lied to me. I was horrified, disgusted, and kicked him to the curb immediately. The OW that my FWH screwed didn't know that he was married. When our NC letter was sent informing her of that fact, she never contacted him again.

Now, on to the more serious issue.

My serial cheater`s new flame

THIS is the real issue. You are in an open relationship with your WH and a revolving cast of characters, each of which is yet another opportunity for you to get an STD, be presented with an OC (other child) from someone he gets pregnant, and who is presumably tearing your heart to shreds. Why?

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