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helpful article

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cantaccept posted 6/23/2013 07:02 AM

I found this article and found it helpful in my search for understanding all this.

It is a bit long and is actually a continuing education course but brought me a bit of hope and clarity.

I don't know how to post the link but I found it by searching, "Making up is hard to do continuing education"

I hope this is of help to others also.

painpaingoaway posted 6/23/2013 10:11 AM

Here is the link:

WOW! that is quite an article/course! I dont have time to read it all right now, I just skimmed it and landed on this which I found quite interesting for those of us that did NOT cheat:

Why Partners Do Not Betray

Before we explore infidelity treatment issues in more detail, we would like to say a few words about why many partners can be filled with feelings of fear, loneliness, or anger and not ever be unfaithful. In these cases, we see such partners present with some or all of the following factors in their psyche and/or history:

A healthy level of Self-Intimacy
A healthy level of Conflict Intimacy
A significant level of empathy
Infidelity did not occur in their parents’ marriage(s)
A highly punitive Super Ego
Secure Attachment history
Partners who do not engage in infidelity deserve to be proud of their adherence to the commitment they made to their partner, especially in today’s social environment where opportunities and seeming excuses to “have a fling” are so prevalent, and where commitments seem to be blithely made as well as broken.

cantaccept posted 6/23/2013 11:06 AM

Thank you for posting the link.

Reading about the 3 different types of affairs helped to reinforce for me that it really had nothing to do with me.

Also the section on evaluating the commitment of the ws to reconciliation helped to clarify the basic signs to look for.

I am going to print this and bring it to MC tomorrow.

I hope this helps someone else. I feel as if I gain so much help from everyone but am too absorbed in my pain to help anyone else. I hope this is a small contribution, the desire is there but the brain just isn't clear enough to offer assistance.

struggling16 posted 6/23/2013 15:38 PM

Thank you for this! I've read a few sections and bookmarked the article for in-depth reading. This is reinforcing and insightful.

changedforlife posted 6/23/2013 17:45 PM

I just wanted to post here so I can find this again later when I have time to read the article/course.

Thank you!

FightingBack posted 6/25/2013 10:20 AM


Thank you very much for sharing this article.

I also bookmarked the article after scanning it after your post.

My husband and I were having a talk yesterday, and he, due to the fact that he is trying so hard to express his emotions now, and what he recalls during the affair, said that at the time of the A he was feeling very LONELY.

He also quickly said that he recognizes that he is totally responsible for those emotions. To some extent maybe, but thinking back to when we lived such a busy, child-oriented life, I can truly see how this could happen.

I found your article again and read every word. I have read hundreds of articles on infidelity, as I'm sure many of us have, but this one hit home. Perhaps I like technical stuff.

It has also helped me to empathize with my H, and be proud of his introspection.

Thanks again.


SadFlower posted 6/25/2013 14:53 PM

The article is a distilled form of their book, Intimacy after Infidelity, which I read in April and thought was very insightful. I enjoyed reading the article, because it reminded me of some details I had forgotten.

I think the one thing that struck me in their work (like being hit by a 2x4) was that it shattered my view of how our marriage had been so tranquil. "We never fight!" I used to say proudly. Now I know that we both are major conflict avoiders, which is one of the very toxic (toxic!!!) ways of handling differences. It's like a wound that festers until it releases poison that spreads through the body. I am not so proud of our "not fighting" anymore, but wow, is it hard to change old habits.

OptimisticWife posted 6/27/2013 08:39 AM

Thank you for posting this article

I have printed it out so I can share it with my H.

I have found it very informative and it made me feel great to identify that we are in the 3rd stage of Differentiation and have finally broken the rut we were in during stage 2, Soured Symbiosis.

It's so good to see it all explained and easy to understand.
I'm excited that we are heading towards Synergy and that this article gives us some tools to get there.

Thank you and all the best to you

girlsbird posted 6/27/2013 19:49 PM

Thank You for this. Bookmarked for reading later on this evening

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