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I took ow2 to the wreckers...

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DragnHeart posted 6/23/2013 11:04 AM

Well sort of...

Our car which wh used for work and thus for his A activities died a few weeks ago. We had already had the timing chain/tensioner replaced and knew there was a possibility of it going again. This time wh was lucky in that when it went he didn't crash...He got it stopped just in time but not using the brakes...both failed.

We decided since it was going to cost a lot to fix we would scrap it.

So my brother and I towed it in.

I felt a bit of a sense of loss. Both of my kids came home from the hospital in that car but when wh asked if I was sad I said no. I hated that car after DDay. Hated watching wh drive off to work. Seeing it sitting in the driveway was a constant reminder of his A.

Now it's gone. Sitting partly crushed on a stack of other cars. It's a weird feeling of relief that it's gone. Of course down to one vehicle is a royal pain but this feeling of not seeing that car sitting there makes me smile.

I took ow2 to the wreckers

(Hindsight is 20/20. I thought of it afterwards, I should have printed off a picture of her and left it in the car lol)

sodamnlost posted 6/23/2013 11:25 AM

I get the duality feeling towards a car. WH's car needs more work than its worth at this point. He has had this car since the year we got married, a gift from our pastor. The car has been junk for a long time, it is 21 years old. It was a rough shape car when he got it. But he got it when we needed it most and despite its age and all it's issues, it had survived and actually been our most reliable vehicle until this year. It was and is a beat up mess. It has a nickname and my. Boys have joked for years about wanting this car just because it wouldn't seem to die. Almost a year ago, WH took his AP to the bar in it. It now sits, basically unfixable in the garage. It makes me sad and glad at the same time. I can see her in it, with him. In the car the man who married us gave him. Guess he destroyed the invisible cars spirit too.

DragnHeart posted 6/23/2013 11:47 AM

When the car died it wasn't a complete loss...not really. The engine wasn't blown, just needed to replace the tensioner again. Problem was that when the tensioner let go wh lost brakes, power steering. He was going down a hill around a curve and just barely got it off the road. When the emergency brake didn't work he threw it into park and stopped just short of crashing into a mailbox/ditch. My brothers went to help and the older one said he might have done to much damage to the transmission to bother fixing. He drove it back here and it died twice on him. To rattle my brother takes a lot and it rattled him.

I hate, h.a.t.e. not having a second vehicle but I am glad that car is gone. Knowing ow2 was in it doing "stuff" with my wh made me sick to my stomach and difficult to be in it.

Many a day I thought about driving it into the lake.

My only real concern now is that since wh is taking the truck to work that if (IF) he's continuing any A activities that he'll destroy the truck. I love this truck. It's been my dream vehicle and just thinking about him doing anything in it makes me want to throw up.

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