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All is right with the universe

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tesla posted 6/23/2013 20:01 PM

Teslet is home. He is skyping with his uncle right now, telling him all about his trip.

Humorous exchange story...I get out and give Teslet a big hug and he gets into the car. Ex-shat runs in to grab a bag of stuff...he gets a souvenir out of his trunk and suddenly stripper whore materializes on the porch with OC and she needs ex-shat's help with OC. Bitch, I'm only going to be here for a few more seconds.
Then I'm on my way out and I see her in my rearview miror waving a big mickey stuffed toy. I throw it in reverse and somehow managed to miss her.
She hands Teslet the stuffed animal and apologizes that it has chocolate on it, she wasn't sure how to get it out. Um...ok, thanks. Made Teslet tell her thank you. Man, she is nasty can see how she is going to age and lose the looks she holds so dear. Also, she wasn't wearing a bra and had a strapless tube top on. Her milk jug tits were hanging halfway to her stomach.

To recap: my child is back where he belongs and he had a really great time and he keeps saying how he needs to take me on some of the rides.

Kajem posted 6/23/2013 20:02 PM

I thought I felt the universe shift. Glad all is well in teslaville.


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IrishLass518 posted 6/23/2013 20:10 PM

So glad he is home with you again. Now begins my week without Irishlad

sudra posted 6/23/2013 20:18 PM


tryingagain74 posted 6/23/2013 20:21 PM

Yay! I'm glad he's home. And tell that woman to put on a bra! Yeesh!

npain posted 6/23/2013 20:45 PM

Yay! Teslet is home where he belongs!

And yes, no breastfeeding woman should be without at bra for God's sake! Second on that!

tesla posted 6/23/2013 21:01 PM

hmmm...well, the whiny temper tantrums have started as well. Operation intensive behavior modification is underway.

nowiknow23 posted 6/23/2013 21:06 PM

Strength to you, tesla!

fallingquickly posted 6/23/2013 22:33 PM

Yay! Teslet is home. Did you get most of the things done on your list?

peridot posted 6/23/2013 23:39 PM

Where is the like button? We need one of those here. I'm glad he is home. The tantrums are probably because he's been on an overload of fun and now he's home, things are getting back to normal. All kids do that when they are over stimulated. He'll be back to his normal self before too long.

The OW sounds like complete trash.

numbandnauseous posted 6/23/2013 23:46 PM

tesla, that description of the OW is priceless! She sounds so trashy. She feels insecure around you; that's why she had to keep your ex on his leash while you were around.

So glad your baby is home and unscathed. Enjoy many hugs and cuddles!

debbysbaby posted 6/24/2013 01:16 AM

dmari posted 6/24/2013 01:19 AM

I'm happy for you and you too damn funny!

MissMoneypenny posted 6/24/2013 01:27 AM

Dear Tesla,

so good to hear that your boy is back, had a great time and don`t worry, he will be back into his routine in no time. I hope you got time for yourself and had time to relax ! I am having 4 weeks by myself now while DS and DD are with their father and his family- happy that they are enjoying a wonderful time with their granny and counsins also and what thrills me most is that before OW has been shifted to her home country where she gets to spend the summer with her mama and WITHOUT WS or my children. Even her birthday poor skank had to celebrate without him

SBB posted 6/24/2013 05:39 AM

Great news!! I'm not looking forward to my first week apart from them.

Interestingly the sad clown was recently trying to change the 2/2/3 schedule to weekly. FTG. They are too young to be apart from me for a week at a time.

I can't imagine someone WANTING to be away from their child for a week at a time. Yes it will happen for the Christmas holidays but that is different to every single fucking week.

Sorry for the t/j vent. I'm trying to prepare myself for a week without them and evidently I have a ways to go.

I'm thrilled he is back in your arms right where he should be.

tesla posted 6/24/2013 06:21 AM

I got a lot done and even did a couple of nice things for myself.

It's ironic to me that ex-shat left me because he wanted to lead this mid-20's single bachelor life (or because I was driving him to commit suicide, you pick) and here he is, saddled with stripper whore family and I actually got to enjoy being single for a week and doing whatever I wanted. Kinda nice.

You know what's even nicer? Teslet waking up in the middle of the night, crawling into my bed and snuggling.

The insecurity vibes and the inferiority vibes that I got from stripper whore and ex-shat respectively last night was weird. I guess time has a way of making them insignificant to they are just an amusing story I tell people.

Of course, it would be nice if the idiot would figure out how to make an electronic CS payment. Oh well, another email to the lawyer, I guess. Probably time to start threatening him with some of the consequences of not paying CS.

itainteasy posted 6/24/2013 07:30 AM

I'm so glad Teslet is home

"Milk jug tits" made me laugh so hard I snorted water through my nose.

TrustGone posted 6/24/2013 09:25 AM

I am glad teslet is home safe and sound, other than the readjustment tantrums which always suck. Best to do something to insure CS like autowithdrawal from his job. If not before you know it he will have to have those "Milk Jugs" moved back up to their proper position.

FaithFool posted 6/24/2013 18:37 PM

Sorry you have to darken your day with a visit to Dogpatch... Or should that be Dogsnatch?

She sounds just *lovely*.

Your x is a clueless idiot.

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