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Hate anniversary!

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yougogirl posted 6/24/2013 08:43 AM

I recently had my anniversary and every year I dread the date. This year WH posted something somewhat sappy on FB regarding it.

So if I never reply to the post, I look like a jerk, but if I post some loving BS, then I'm a liar.

I hate this.

Razor posted 6/24/2013 09:03 AM

Yes. BTDT. You are not alone at all in hating anniversaries.

We recently had our 40th. WW hosted a big party at our house. Lots of people there. It was very hard for me. I kept to the edges of the party and ran the bbq and drank beer with the men.

I feel our M ended when she jumped into bed with OM.

After Dday I asked her to plan a vow renewal ceremony. She said she would but it never happened. I guess I was not worth it.

yougogirl posted 6/24/2013 09:06 AM

Thanks for the reply, Razor, and I'm sorry to hear that you feel the same.

It is hard to put on a smiling face when everyone is wishing you happy anniversary and you just want to punch WS.

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