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So Sad, No More Laughs at OW's Expense

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SisterMilkshake posted 6/24/2013 11:02 AM

This is the message I now get when I try to see OW's FB page.

Sorry this link is broken or this page has been deleted.
Or, something similar to that effect.
*sigh* No more rants on how it has no friends, you A.H.'s. No more of OW lamenting about how miserable it feels, no more "roomers" about its ex-husband and his little friends, herpes.

Funny how OW deleted its page after I started posting a lot about FWH. How we had a romantic date, about what we did with our children and/or grandchildren. Coincidence? Maybe, but I like to think it was hurting it to see us happy.

It is for the best, but damn, I enjoyed laughing at OW and I know many of you did, too!

Jospehine85 posted 6/24/2013 11:07 AM

Proof that the best revenge is a life well lived AND putting it publicly out there on FB for anyone to see.

HFSSC posted 6/24/2013 11:10 AM

Whoreible either shut or locked her page down, too. I was torn between sad that I can't see her stuff to make fun of her anymore, and glee that she finally blinked.

I won. (Not that there was ever really a contest. It was just nice to see tangible proof that she knows I won. )

Bobbi_sue posted 6/24/2013 11:25 AM

I am a little sad there will be no more laughs at OW's expense. I enjoy a good laugh from time to time.

But as I've stated before, I was a little jealous of those who got to laugh at the OWs who continually flaunt their stupidity and lack of morals on FB, since the Whore from my situation is too stupid to even know how to turn on a computer, let alone join FB and post on there. Now that so many do it on their phones, though, I keep wondering if she will join up someday. I have a SIL who has NEVER owned or turned on a computer, but she has a Tracfone and joined FB and even lets me know if she likes my pictures, etc.

I don't really keep my FB very private. My philosophy is to never post anything that I would not want the whole world (or some OWs/Stalkers) to see. So yes, it is mostly just general news or positive stuff, pictures, events, etc.

I would love to think the whore looked at my page, but I just don't think she is smart enough to figure out how to do that even if she wanted to.

Rebreather posted 6/24/2013 11:46 AM

I'm sad we no longer have any good redding material.

MartlArts posted 6/24/2013 12:12 PM

Sister, I've had similae experience -wannabe ow removing her profile photo and replacing it with a tree after she saw my photos. Rejoicing with you - take that, OW!

Butterfly7904 posted 6/24/2013 12:52 PM

She probably just blocked you. if you have access to another persons facebook that she wouldn't have blocked, go on and see if you can pull her up...or create a random facebook page and you will be able to see her.

karmahappens posted 6/24/2013 12:56 PM

Don't do it Sister. You are better off with her gone.

ajsmom posted 6/24/2013 13:11 PM

Personally, I think this will go miles toward your healing.


Bobbi_sue posted 6/24/2013 13:49 PM

Personally, I think this will go miles toward your healing.

Do you think that those who check the OW's facebook are not healed?

It has been 7 years for me and believe me, if whore had one, I would check it.

I also sometimes check her spawn's and their spouse's facebooks to see if they added a new friend (the whore), or to see if they mention her or post any info about her.

They never do. I have been wasting my time (a few minutes each week) checking for any possible new info on the whore). Do you think I need to be healed? This means she has "space" in my head. Who cares? This is not a problem that needs to be solved, the way I see it.

AJ's mom or anybody else, I mean no disrespect, and I appreciate your views on this topic though they may be different than mine.

I just want to present a different perspective.

I am a reasonably happy, healthy 54 year old woman, closer than ever to my husband. I don't think it means we are not healed if we check FB (or I should say it does not mean I am not healed if I check it...I can't speak for others).

However, if there is an obsession that interferes with normal activities and is a priority in one's life, in that case, I think it might indicate a change is needed.

ajsmom posted 6/24/2013 13:59 PM

t/j to Bobbi_sue:

Please accept my perspective as well.

I had found that constant checking on the other women (yes, plural in my case) constantly pulled me backwards. The real estate I let them rent in my head got in the way of me putting one foot in front of the other. Their drama became my drama and just one more thing I could ruminate on to build up my victimhood resume.

Had I had the opportunity to R like you and SMS have had, I'm quite sure it would have done damage to my efforts to R, for many of the same reasons already mentioned.

You obviously find this level of checking necessary. To me, at the end of the day, I could care less what she/they, her spawn, her family or her friends are up to.

You're right - as you don't understand my logic, I'm not understanding yours. As long as you're completely confident they have nothing to do with your FWH, then why bother giving them a moment's thought? What does it change?

end t/j

Edited to add t/j's.

[This message edited by ajsmom at 2:00 PM, June 24th (Monday)]

Bobbi_sue posted 6/24/2013 14:18 PM

AJ, I do accept and respect your perspective. I even said so in that post, but it seems like you missed it.

You said:

You obviously find this level of checking necessary

I absolutely do NOT find it necessary and only do it when I'm bored and feel like finding out what's new on FB. It is entertaiment for me. A couple of years ago, I found a pic of the whore when one of her kids got married. She wore what looked like a black baggy witch costume for her "mother of the groom dress." I took the picture and added a pointy hat with drawing software. It was so much fun. I enjoy such seemingly juvenile things but I won't apologize for it and don't think there is anything wrong with me, or that needs to be fixed or healed regarding those acts.

I actually do understand and respect your perspective far more than you are willing to understand or respect mine.

ajsmom posted 6/24/2013 14:22 PM

I respect your perspective. I just don't understand it.

To each his own, and I'll simply agree to disagree on this and stop posting on SMS's thread about it.

musiclovingmom posted 6/24/2013 17:53 PM

The one who was my friend blocked me because I gave her a ration of shit on her page when she was lying or whining or whatever. She forgot, however, that we have many friends in common. Friends who serve up the same shit I did, then screen shot it and send it to me in a text. The laughs are wonderful! Sorry you'll be missing out on those, but like the idea that your wonderful life got to her.

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