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like a full time job,

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Helen of Troy posted 6/24/2013 11:44 AM

The keeping up of receipts, answering emails, reminding of co pays, kids' calendars, all the photocopies, faxes, filing, dealing with lawyers, court, mediation, agreements .....Gah! being divorced with kids and having an extremely hostile, self centered x with an ignorant and volatile ow/nw is a full time job.

That said I'd rather be divorced with those things than married to an unfaithful personality disordered loser anyday.
Freedom is priceless.

Ashland13 posted 6/24/2013 11:57 AM

I hear you, WGB.

I'm triggering by some of the divorce things, but am fully aware that it's my future and DD's and baby's if I mess up.

We are working our way towards court and trying to get as much done as possible to try to save that kind of time and money. Each of us have to borrow it to pay the lawyers. I hope he has to borrow more.

In my logging/journals and "research", discrepancies are coming up that he and his L are trying to get away with but I am catching and showing to my L.

My L will mention some of it in mediation or make a "surprise" change and this brings out the NPD in a huge way.

His lawyer is hugely rude and mocks me, telling me things with the house against the rules I should do, like when the assessors come and how to lie...I told him, I can't lie, not to anyone, not now especially, do you know what your client did to us? And so I told him I would just give the assessors his and Perv's numbers. It shut each up and they turned beat red.

I found a big discrepancy in the finances pages and some flubbed numbers that I showed to L. I went to great length and made sure to do the back-up research and now Perv is extra ticked because L is going to do the wage garnishing, so also a double whammy because he can't hide it at his new job. I think he will be horribly embarrassed and it will be a reminder of all that he's done.

Just some things to reiterate that I totally understand what you're saying. I went so long almost taking these things for granted and now it's double-have to keep the creditor records, kids activities and Wh-grown kid-activities.

I keep a log of the visiting, also-not much detail, but Perv is not taking it seriously and not punctual, either with phone calls or visits. He thinks he can continue on in this way and will someday find out he cannot.

And the days OW is not around I get messages and they take up time, but I find myself not answering many. I also find some changes in behavior when the hostility is bigger and suspect OW is after him for something?

Kajem posted 6/24/2013 14:30 PM


One day it will be over... then you'll be like me and wondering what to do to fill all that time you have.

Hugs, It does get better... eventually.


Nature_Girl posted 6/24/2013 17:43 PM

You're right! I hated all the massive amounts of paperwork & documentation I had to assemble this past year+ for the divorce process. And now I'm realizing I'm facing years & years of more documentation, paperwork and record-keeping as I try to share medical financial responsibility with this asshole. It's going to drive me mad.

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