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my insecurity

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eyenight posted 6/24/2013 12:48 PM

I realized how insecure I am. Bf was super busy today and didn't get a hold of me until late. Now my.mind.automatically goes to he's cheating to he doesn't care or want to he with me. I know.none.of.these are true. Bf has a lot going on at the moment and is a little overwhelmed. Plus hes.started to get.depressed.and his nightmares are.getting.bad.
Somehow I'm always think it's.something to do with me. Which it isn't anything to do with me. I.keep telling.myslf if he didn't want me he would tell me. Hes not a cheater, he's no the type. He's going through a lot and not take it personal.
I'm working on getting over the Issue. I actually talked to him and told him about my insecurity. I hate that I have it but he suggested I find counseling for it and get help with the abuse x did too. Cause that's a little why I'm insecure.

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