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who am I?

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click4it posted 6/24/2013 17:55 PM

7 days without a cigarette!

I think the longest I went was 5 days when I had the flu about 6 years ago.

I have been eating vegetables and fruit every single day for the last 3 weeks. I am taking lunch to work when I used to buy every day.

again WHO am I?

What's next?

I don't recognize myself at the moment.

jrc1963 posted 6/24/2013 17:59 PM

The new and improved Clicky!!!

click4it posted 6/24/2013 18:03 PM

I better not honk any horns yet, but I wanted to just post my accomplishment and then if I make it to 30 days, I will honk a horn.

Jrazz posted 6/24/2013 18:04 PM

Can Vrazz honk a horn? She's been begging to.

click4it posted 6/24/2013 18:08 PM

Yes, let her honk away!!

nowiknow23 posted 6/24/2013 18:34 PM

Go, Clicky, go!!!

Williesmom posted 6/24/2013 19:45 PM


HFSSC posted 6/24/2013 20:24 PM

YAY! Not going so well over here. Keep JM in your thoughts/prayers. I know he can do this, but not if he keeps buying cigarettes.

lost_in_toronto posted 6/24/2013 22:28 PM

So happy for you!

click4it posted 6/25/2013 12:49 PM

thanks all! I'm feeling pretty blue today - PMS time and all, but I'm hanging in.

JM if I can do it SO CAN YOU! Has he tried the e-cig or got a patch yet?

little turtle posted 6/25/2013 12:59 PM

Wow! 7 Days, you're right on your way to an improved you!!!

movingforward777 posted 6/25/2013 23:21 PM

Good for you!!! One day (sometimes on minute) at a time!!! Hang in there, you won't regret giving it up....HUGS

click4it posted 6/25/2013 23:59 PM

I had a lighter and matches still hanging around in my purse and I finally took them out.

I never realized that the withdrawl would cause extreme tiredness. But maybe it was keeping me from sleeping good in the first place.

sadtoo posted 6/26/2013 08:14 AM

Good for you, Click!!

When I quit, I carried a pack of smokes and a lighter for almost a year. It was psychological for me. If I didn't have them, I went into a panic. But as long as I had them with me, then I was choosing NOT to smoke them. Weird, I know. There were times, like on the fith day and the seventh day that I actually got out the pack and the lighter and thought about lighting up, but didn't. Now that pack and the lighter is in my junk drawer...almost 10 years later.

They say that once you're past 7 days, you are over the physical addiction. Now it's all psychological. So just don't do any of the things you associate with smoking. Like drink, talk on the phone, drive your car, etc.

I would get a phone call from a friend and say, "I can't talk! I'll start smoking! And hang up."

Everyone thought I was goofy. But hey, what ever it takes, right?

Great job!

HFSSC posted 6/26/2013 20:22 PM

He has used the patch and alternated with the gum. His biggest problem is work. Everyone smokes. Everyone takes smoke breaks during the down time. We are leaving Saturday for vacation and he'll be away from work for 9 days. So hopefully, he can get it licked then.

click4it posted 6/27/2013 00:17 AM

thanks sadtoo...yeah the triggers are the toughest. Its a plus that I had already tapered down quite a bit, so my triggers are few, but they are there. how long have you been smoke free?

HF - I had that same issue over the weekend, my friend came down for 5 days and she smokes and so did everyone else that came over. Me and her would always go out for our "smoke breaks" and I had to literally restrain myself from going. It was tough, but I did it. I hope your vacation will do the trick! Maybe he should start the cutting down trick and then gradually his body will crave the nicotine less.

click4it posted 6/27/2013 00:20 AM

I got a question for all of you who have quit...did you have extreme tiredness?? I am SO sleepy during the day. I am sleeping so-so at night, but not more or less than when I did smoke. I am eating veggies and fruits and cut down on my "bad" foods as well. I walk during the day. But the Wondering if that is part of the withdrawl?

wildbananas posted 6/27/2013 01:06 AM

I have no advice but wanted to say I think you're awesome! You go, girl.

h0peless posted 6/27/2013 01:16 AM

I did have extreme tiredness for the first few weeks. I had a lot of trouble sleeping which definitely contributed to it but nicotine is also a stimulant and even though it leaves the body quickly, it takes a few weeks for your brain to shut off those receptors.

sadtoo posted 6/27/2013 01:44 AM

It's been been 10 years since I've smoked.

I'll do an e-cig when I go out for drinks. But just the smell of a real cig makes me gag. ugh!

Yes! I remember being really tired too.

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