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Why did I answer the damn phone.

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jimbo25319 posted 6/25/2013 18:03 PM

WW was getting ready to leave for work. She's going out on an overnite, be home tomorrow evening.

Comes out back and asks why I took down the photos of her and I in the home. I told her why, (they're too painful to look at), and she left.

An hour later my phone rings, it's her. Against my better judgement, I answered. At first she was nice, then goes on about how taking down the photos will affect our son, blah, blah, blah. I told her I didn't agree with her and that was it.

Eventually the conversation leads to how I'm "delusional" to think our M will continue, yada, yada, yada. I then hung up.

Felt good earlier today. Met with my attorney and I felt really positive after. Now I've crashed and burned.

To top it all off, I busted my azz in the yard today, it looks fantastic. Now, about half of a 40 foot tree fell taking out a portion of my fence.

I feel a little like Job today.

traditoperanni posted 6/25/2013 19:45 PM

Who's delusional? She thinks taking down the photos will affect your son? What about what she has done? That's not affecting her son?
Good for you for contacting an attorney. Is she still living in house and still seeing om? How does your son feel about that ?
It really amazes me how deep in the fog WS can get.
Stay strong and do whatever you feel is right for you and your son.
Take care.

kernel posted 6/25/2013 21:25 PM

((jimbo)) And this would be the roller coaster that is referred to on this site. Sometimes you get the highs and the lows all in the same day, sometimes in the same hour.

Think about what happened with the attorney that made you feel so positive and focus on that. As for your WW, FTW (fuck that woman). Don't let her in your head.

Sorry about the tree. Now you have firewood. Or can sell it to someone else for firewood and then fix your fence with the proceeds. Bound to be a silver lining in there somewhere.

Hang in there. The roller coaster eventually smooths out from The Wild Thing into speed bumps.

jimbo25319 posted 6/25/2013 22:20 PM

Yes WW is still in the home and chatting regularly with OM. As a matter of fact, last Thursday she suggested our son and I go see the new Superman movie, but she didn't want to go. Very not like her.

You guessed it, while we were at the movies, she met the OM in our city park.

We live in a small home, so in any "discussions" WW and I have, he can hear it. He's well aware of everything that's going on.

It's sad. She's a completely different person now. I don't even know who she is anymore, and I've told her that.

jimbo25319 posted 6/25/2013 22:24 PM

Before meeting with my attorney, I considered moving out for my own sanity, but knew if I did, all it would do was give her unfiltered access to the OM because I wasn't around.

My attorney advised against leaving, unless domestic violence issues could come into play. That will not on my end.

Being a flight attendant, my WW has a very irregular work schedule. First, she does not have a set schedule. She is on reserve, which means when they need her, they call, she has to go. Typically she gets about 24hrs, notice before she gets called out. However they can call, and she has to be there within 90minutes. Here's an example of her work schedule:
Last week, she was gone for three days, came home for one, then gone again for 4 days.
She came home late last night, then had to go out this evening for a 2 day trip. She will be home tomorrow evening, has Thursday off, then leaves Friday for another 4 day trip.

When I told my Lawyer this he just smiled. He said if he was her attorney, he would advise she quit that job. I know she will not. The custody of our son is not my greatest concern right now. I will not deny his mother access to him, and she and I agreed, (for what it's worth), that we would share joint custody.
My main concern is staying in my home. She has immediate family near where we live. My family lives over two hours away. She can go and move in with her brother or mother right now. I really have no place to go. Even if I paid her the formula based child support, she could not afford to remain in the home. With some modifications, I could.
But she's very stubborn. She's already stated she's not leaving and expects me to leave. I'm not, so we're at a stalemate for now and I don't see an end in sight.

Any advice guys and galls?

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Kalliopeia posted 6/25/2013 22:40 PM

don't move out. it could be viewed as abandoment of your child.

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