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Second-hand inspiration.

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dbellanon posted 6/25/2013 21:38 PM

I thought about posting this in another thread I had started, but I think maybe it deserves its own place.

I recently made friends with another guy who has a daughter about a year younger than mine (my daughter is 3). They've had a few play dates together, and over the course of one conversation, I learned that he was actually the same age as my father. I knew that he was older, but did not know how much. His wife is younger than him, but on the outer borders of child-bearing age. They are expecting their second child tomorrow.

It all made sense when he explained that he already had two grown children from a previous marriage (about my age), that he had gotten divorced after 20 years of marriage.

The really incredible thing to me is that after all that, he started over, completely from scratch. New marriage. New babies. No idea if I would be doing the same thing in his situation, but since I don't have my own story of new beginnings to tell yet, I thought I might share someone else's.

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Sad in AZ posted 6/25/2013 22:37 PM

My NB does not involve a relationship; it's just me by myself, and I'm enjoying it. Someday, there may be another person involved, but there will be no new family

I'm rediscovering hobbies like birding. I'm traveling to g2gs and experiencing things like the House of Prime Rib (shout-out to Jpapageorge & MU ) I'm living in a new city and experiencing the House of Pies (sense a theme here?? )

Life is good

tabitha95 posted 6/26/2013 00:26 AM

Unfortunately, at my age, a second family isn't possible. This is one area where men do get that second shot at raising a child with a spouse, if they find someone younger.

Nature_Girl posted 6/26/2013 02:01 AM

I will always regret that I'll never have an opportunity to raise children with a man who loves them, loves me, wants to be a father, wants to have a family, wants to be with us and have a life with us. I'll never know what that's like.

SBB posted 6/26/2013 04:54 AM

t/j me too NG, me too. I know what its like to be with a man desperate to pass on his genes but alas, unprepared for the beautiful and challenging realities that come with them.

Willing to sire but unwilling to be a father. His failure of them is the biggest, sharpest and most bitter of these pills to swallow.

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