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European G2G????????

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timeforchange posted 6/27/2013 23:45 PM

I threw this one out there about a year ago... And thought it may be worth another go.

We are in Germany. Not a million miles away from the French/Belgian borders.

Is anyone else in Europe... And wanting to try and set up a cross- border G2G???

nowiknow23 posted 6/28/2013 22:16 PM

Dang - I have GOT to get myself an overseas work gig so I can make this work.

MovingUpward posted 6/28/2013 22:21 PM

Hey NIK we can always FedEx you over there.

nowiknow23 posted 6/28/2013 22:41 PM

timeforchange posted 6/29/2013 11:57 AM

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