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Pet Insurance?

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Jessy1501 posted 6/28/2013 10:19 AM

I'll be bring a new puppy home in about a week or two and I wanted to look into pet insurance. Any recommendations? I would like something that covers accidents and illnesses as well as annual visits. He is a high maintenance breed, so I want to be prepared.


Here's my new baby

philly172 posted 6/28/2013 11:46 AM

We looked into pet insurance when we got our dog but it seemed high & had a lot of 'clauses' in it so we decided against it.

But, a new Banfield Pet hospital opened right down the street from me last week & since I adore Petshotel I decided to give them a try & they have a wellness plan where you pay $25 a month & it covers just about everything.. exams, vaccinations, tests, etc with unlimited office visits. It works out to about $300 a year . At our visit her shots etc would have cost $178 with a booster needed in 3 weeks so we thought it was worth it for us.. If you've got a Banfield near you, it might be something to look into..
I believe the puppy wellness program also includes spaying/neutering which cost us almost $200.

in addition, I get discounts on other services at Banfield & PetSmart as well so it seems like it is going to be a good deal for us..

Thor is adorable BTW

sadtoo posted 6/28/2013 12:01 PM

Definatly get it for an English Bulldog. They are great dogs, and he will bring you many years of joy and laughter. Unfortunately, his vet bills can also bring you to tears.

h0peless posted 6/28/2013 12:02 PM

I had it for a year and it really didn't cover much of anything so I dropped it. They generally have breed specific clauses and although the dog I had covered is a mix, they refused to cover a life threatening, very sudden illness that he had because they said (and the vet strongly disagreed) that it was caused by a pre-existing condition. Since this illness, my dog has needed medication for his thyroid and they wouldn't cover that either.

Lionne posted 6/28/2013 15:05 PM

I don't know how it works for a puppy but I have it for my indoor, elderly cat.

Saved me $1000 last year on a bladder infection and I'm looking at a higher bill this year as we are dealing with a similar problem, and renal insufficiency as she ages. It costs me $130 a year and has a $200 deductible per illness.

So at this point I am only about $100 ahead, but I know that will increase as her illness progresses.

PM me and I'll give you the name of the company.

ExposedNiblet posted 6/28/2013 15:40 PM

Here in Canada, our options for pet insurance are few and coverage is quite limited. I spoke with the vet at the time I was considering it and asked what her honest opinion was.

She suggested that I put aside $x per month for vet costs, keeping in mind that annual exams are $x, shots are $x, etc.

I've been lucky that Pup has been relatively healthy over the years, save for a few ear infections. I allocate $50 a month and it's always been more than enough.

Personally, I'm not sure the insurance is worth it in all cases, but of course, YMMV.

(Your new baby is beautiful!)

MerryMeNot posted 6/28/2013 22:36 PM

I had insurance for my last dog, who had zillions of health problems. It was very difficult and slow processing the paperwork, and the insurance didn't cover everything (not by a long shot).

I have two new dogs now and put $200 into savings every month for them. Have a nice chunk saved now, which makes me feel more secure. The $200 adds up fast. I don't have as much in personal savings, but my dogs are a priority.

I'd recommend saving for the health issues rather than getting insurance.

Lionne posted 6/28/2013 23:47 PM

Exposed, thats strange because my pet insurance company is based in Canada!!! They have been great so far...

Dark Inertia posted 6/29/2013 10:50 AM

I have pet insurance, I have not had to utilize it beyond teeth cleaning, thank God, lol. Mine is $30something a month... I don't really think of it as a waste. I spend $60 a month for my HDHP, and how many times have I been to the doctor this year? Once for my yearly check up. It's all about the peace of mind. Honestly, I throw away $30 on a lot less. That being said, I like Merry's method of just putting money into savings as well. In the future I may go that route instead.

ExposedNiblet posted 6/29/2013 12:02 PM

Exposed, thats strange because my pet insurance company is based in Canada!!! They have been great so far...

scaredyKat, there are definitely more companies offering it now than there were when I originally spoke with my vet about it (which was approx. 9-10 years ago).

It's nice to see there are so many options now for those who wish to take this route.

Williesmom posted 6/29/2013 12:51 PM


I have 4 dogs, so the cost of pet I durance is too much. I just pay as issues come up, but I am diligent about shots, heart worm, and monthly flea/tick prevention.

Find a vet that you would trust with your own life.

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