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I am so angry!!

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brokenandconfuse posted 6/28/2013 14:06 PM

This is my H weekend with kids, but he told me that he wanted to go out for Alumni weekend and didn't want them. I have scheduled taking them to the movies tonight and my Mom is going to do fireworks with them tomorrow evening so that I can go out for a couple of hours but have them picked up by 11pm.

My H text me and said he wants to trade his pickup in and needs me to sign the title over and needs to talk to me about some things. I text back and said that I am not signing the title over now. He said that he would talk to me at lunch and I told him that I was busy.

So, what does he do? Finds me and the kids out eating at lunch and sits down to talk about the pickup title and tells me that I don't want it and he isn't asking for money so why be so mean as it is a good investment for him. I told him that I need to talk to my lawyer first, but I don't feel comfortable signing. H says he already told the dealer this morning that he would take the car. (oh well guess he should have talked to me first) H said we already discussed this and you were fine with it. (I must have missed that, he said he was test driving a car...that was all)

Then he says why do I not even talk to him as H wants to go to the movie with us and spend 4th of July with us and why is it so wrong for him to want to be with his family. I said, well because we got separated so that I could have some space and time to heal and figure out it I want to be married or not, yet I have not had one day in over a month without him showing up, texting or calling and he cannot control me or manipulate me into staying with him. He said well I know that we can work through this and you can get over this and over time it will be better. I said that H can't tell me that I am to get over it and I don't think it is something that I can get over. H said he is not controlling or manipulating, he just wants me to see things his way. (HELLO!!!)

So then he says, I will give you space, I will pick up the kids tomorrow morning so that you can go fuck around, since that's all that you been wanting to do.

At this point, I lost my temper. I said, that is cruel and you are an asshole. I wanted some time to myself to cry, run, work in the yard and try to process all of this. This is exactly why I don't want to be with you anymore.

I have given him a million and one chances and he just can't help it. When he wants something he will do anything to get his way and normally it is by being mean to me.

tesla posted 6/28/2013 19:36 PM

So what happened to the big important alumni weekend? Sheesh.

Ex-shat would do similar shit to me when he wanted something. Still does, actually. When he wants to switch weekends, he gets impatient for an answer. When it seems like he's doing me a favor...he's actually not, just dressing it up that way so he can get what he wants.

Sorry that asshole showed up and ruined your lunch, bitching about a car title. FTG.

Nature_Girl posted 6/28/2013 19:58 PM

Ick! Talk about smothering you! I hate that.

Housefulloflove posted 6/28/2013 20:03 PM

It seems like he's trying very hard to find an effective way to manipulate you.

How did he find you and the kids?

I make it a point to not tell Ex where I am and what I do. Ever. The last time I did was months ago and yet he tried to use that piece of info against me just last week! I would make sure that from this point forward he only knows what he needs to know and not a bit extra.

SBB posted 6/28/2013 21:45 PM

He had this discussion in front of your kids?

I would be livid too. Next time do not speak to him. Ask him to leave. Leave if he doesn't. Do not give him any opportunity to pull this shit in front of your kids.

I would strongly suggest you insist on all comms via text/email from now on. He can't keep his shit together. I told the sad clown that our face-to-face communication was not effective and that I would not communicate with him in any other way but text/email.

It has removed a whole lot of drama from mine and my girls lives.

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