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It really does get better...

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Audrina posted 6/29/2013 14:50 PM

I have not been on in a while but decided to check in.

I am relieved to say that it does get "better". At least it has for me.

It has been almost 4 yrs since DDAY...we have not had a cheating related argument for about 9 months now.

I just don't feel the need to bring it up anymore, rehash, think about it etc I'm enjoying life and my relationship.

I know that if it ever happened again, I would be gone in a second.

Triggers have diminished to almost nothing and I am relieved.
I feel safe.

jo2love posted 6/29/2013 15:40 PM

Wonderful update!!! Thank you for sharing.

sadallthetime posted 6/29/2013 17:50 PM

Double post - sorry

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sadallthetime posted 6/29/2013 17:53 PM

(((Audrina))) I am almost 4 years out also. It's getting better. I am enjoying life & my marriage again. Agree with all you said especially if it ever happened again I would be out of here in a second. Both FWH and know that. Our relationship is loving. Thanks for sharing.,

TarheelMom posted 6/29/2013 21:33 PM

So glad to hear this! :) I'm happy for you!!!

AFrayedKnot posted 6/30/2013 06:27 AM

petite71 posted 6/30/2013 07:27 AM

Thanks for sharing!!!

sri624 posted 6/30/2013 23:06 PM

thanks for sharing....i guess it really does take a long time for it to get better...4 years....geez. but i am glad that you shared this. it only reinforces to me that it takes a long time...and a lot of hard work to get through this. it cant be rushed in any way. thanks again.

myone and only posted 7/1/2013 07:38 AM

I'm also glad I read this. Haven't posted in a long time. It's almost 4 years for me and just when I think the worst is over, BAM, a trigger sets me off back in time and the anger just overwhelms me and puts me in a funk for days. Then I come out of it and things are better.
Anyone else going through this? Will this ever end? Or is this the life I now must lead? Please help.

rachelc posted 7/1/2013 07:56 AM

is this the life I now must lead

wondering this myself. I have choices I realize but none seem very good to me.

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