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Dsm vs 4TR personality disorders

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newnormal posted 6/29/2013 16:12 PM

The new diagnostic manual for mental health just came out with version 5. For those of you not familiar with this book, it is the main reference book that psychiatrists use to determine which mental illness someone may have. There has been great controversial debate about the changes from the revised 4th edition vs the 5th.

Guess what changes were made to the personality disorders chapter? None. Yup. Everyone pretty much agrees what a npd looks like.

devistatedmom posted 6/30/2013 07:59 AM

That's actually pretty amazing that it didn't change at all, when you think of the way they have totally revamped other conditions, like ASD.

I guess NPD has been around for so long, no more tweaking is needed. As we prove on here, they all do exactly the same things, time and time again.

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