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This would only happen to me

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rachelc posted 6/30/2013 11:18 AM

I took pictures of my DD's best friend crossing the finish line at this morning's half marathon. Thought it was important to be there since her parents couldnt. Looking at the pics when I get home I see OW #1 in the background with her kids, waiting for her buffoon of a husband to cross.
I thought I saw her there but didn't know and now I see her on pictures I took.
Asked fwh and he didn't see her. I said I shouldn't have to EVER see them! He said I know And its all my fault. We were having a great time this weekend at our towns celebration.

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JanaGreen posted 6/30/2013 11:25 AM

:( That sucks; I'm sorry. Photoshop?

cantaccept posted 6/30/2013 11:25 AM


I have no advice just empathy. I have found that since dday life is just a bit too ironic. Things come up and bite you in the a$$ when you least expect it.

rachelc posted 6/30/2013 13:34 PM

Ha! My DD just tagged me in a picture of me watching her friend cross the finish line - the photographer must have taken it- and OW is there too. Yay! now OW is in a picture on my Facebook page. Nice.... I asked her to untag me....
And as fwh was there too, he is also tagged so OW is now on his page too. Ugh

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sisoon posted 6/30/2013 18:11 PM

'Buffoon of a husband' - that cracks me up, rache. Thanks.

No idea what to do about FB.

RockyMtn posted 7/1/2013 07:18 AM

Can you untag yourself? I can't remember if that's possible. I do know I used to have my settings where I'd have to approve all tags (in posts, photos, etc.) before they went live. Not that this helps now, but it could prevent it in the future.

I laughed at the buffoon part, too.

Aubrie posted 7/1/2013 07:50 AM

Exactly what I was thinking. Replace her. Just think of all the images you could replace her with.

In all seriousness, I'm sorry this happened. So not cool.

rachelc posted 7/1/2013 07:54 AM

I removed it from my timeline but I can't untag myself. DD has to do that. I also can't edit another person's photo on FB and I destroyed my pics.

I told fWH that I had a great weekend with him but that this thing really hurt me. I can't get away from them.

He didn't say anything. What is there to say. I said I hope this isn't a death by 1000 cuts for me.

painpaingoaway posted 7/1/2013 07:55 AM

Get that 'make me fat' app, make her fat, and repost.

And yes, the 'buffoon' comment also cracked me up! I haven't heard that word in years, but I love it!

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FeelsSoRight posted 7/1/2013 10:07 AM

If you can't phohtoshop it, can you crop it and crop her ugly ass out altogether?

JanaGreen posted 7/1/2013 10:57 AM

Get that 'make me fat' app, make her fat, and repost.


authenticnow posted 7/2/2013 14:45 PM


There is no OW namecalling in R. Please follow the Reconciliation Forum guidelines.

Thank you.

rachelc posted 7/2/2013 15:01 PM

I don't want to waste any time on her. I just feel I shouldn't be subjected to ever seeing EITHER of them. I just saw her kids at the pool. Ok.
I also am thinking about the thread on the choices we make. If the choice I make is stating with my husband, must I also accept all this?

As I said in the other thread, after what I've been through, it shouldn't be this hard to stay together....

sisoon posted 7/2/2013 18:24 PM


karmahappens posted 7/3/2013 08:10 AM

Ugh....effing pictures.

My dday was at a huge block party my neighbor has.

He is not our friend or a friend of the marriage anymore (probably never was).

After dday I found out just how many people knew about the A. That fact made me need to vomit, separate from the A

About 2 weeks later my neighbor posted pics of the included pics of me and OW together, happy, smiling. He tagged it and said "happy neighbors"

And he knew.....Bastard.

It took me a few years to stop looking at it. I never said anything to him because I know he did it to be mean....and I didn't want him to have the satisfaction.


crazyblindsided posted 7/3/2013 17:17 PM

(((rachelc))) Ugh you can't seem to catch a break. These OW always in these photos, newspapers and whatnot.

rachelc posted 7/4/2013 00:41 AM

My IC says when I've had enough ill know....,

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