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BeautifulEmpty posted 6/30/2013 18:11 PM

So I'm one year out from when I kicked (unknown to me) OW out of my house and told my H to get out too. I gave her 20 days as this is the law here. During that time, she dumped all my household supplies out, ruined my kids things, did things that she knew would deeply disturb my autistic daughter, left pounds and pounds of meat out to spoil or invited her friends over for bbqs and ate it. She took great pleasure in tormenting my H, who was trapped in the house with her until she left. He refused to take his wedding ring off and had zero intention of starting any kind of life with her so she got even angrier, dumped syrup into his expensive speakers (he's an amateur DJ) and wrote me a scathing email outting their affair and abject tretury on both their parts.
This time of year sucks.
I've always felt, despite all the damage she did (there's lots more), we actually got off easy...too easy...because she is completely and seriously nuts. I've seen the documentation on her...about her serious issues as well as her hospitalizations. Of course, I knew nothing of this when I invited her into my home after she lost her apartment because of a 'crazy roommate'. God, I wish I could talk to that girl now :/
Periodically, oddball stuff has happened here. Little things that by themselves wouldn't matter but the OW left many, bizarre " messages" in my house when she left...nothing anyone old make real sense of but clearly messages. Things like that have been happening off and on this year. I was totally crazy with it a few months ago. The feeling of being watched was so strong, i felt paranoid.. Dealing with triggers plus that makes things very hard.
There were some bigger things too like someone stuffed my parents downstairs toilet full of paper towels and banana peels plus a bunch of meat went missing from their freezer. That was pretty early on so we chalked it up to OW (she had a vendetta against my parents because they saw her for what she was early on).
Now, here's the thing..suddenly, yesterday someone stole my mom and daughters bikes out of the garage that is always locked. My dad is getting old and he forgot but not for very long...but that's all it took. It appeared to be joy riders because they found my moms across the street dumped along with a random bike. My daughters is still missing.
While this is being looked into, my parents discover two full gas cans are missing as well. They were by the bikes.
This morning, I get a call from a close neighbor...we grew up together and she stood firm with me while OW and H tried to drive me insane with their lies. She saw OW for who she was and made no bones about it. She is the one who said enough was enough and helped me find the courage to kick OW and H out.
Last night, someone very intentionally broke her huge glass patio table into billions of pieces. Her husband just heard a big thunk but didnt think much of it until they found it this morning.
She asked me to come over and talk. As soon as I heard, I immediately thought of OW but I said nothing because I'm being paranoid, right?
My neighbor told me that she thought it was her and thought everything else was her too. She said she always feels like she's being watched. In other words, she told me everything I'd been feeling.
OW is not above having her friends do awful things for her. When she was in California (when everything hit the fan last year) she had someone cut my sitting hammock on my front porch and then blamed it on my daughter who wasn't there, loved that hammock and wouldn't do that. At that point, there had been a lot of similarly weird things happening and I didn't even know about the A!
It was just bizarre but now, I'm freaked out.
Am I just being paranoid?
I realize it could just be kids up to antics but she did bizarro stuff just like this all the time.
Frankly, I'm scared.

Jospehine85 posted 6/30/2013 19:44 PM

Call the police. Tell them the history, briefly. Ask them to do drive bys at night.

Consider installing motion sensor lights and video cameras.

BeautifulEmpty posted 6/30/2013 20:15 PM

I've looked into the cameras but I just don't have the funds for them.
I just bought 6 new fire alarms so at least there's that.
The police knew all about what was going on when she was trashing my house. All they said was that I shouldn't have left. I don't really understand why I should have stayed in the house with my kids when she was already dangerous to them and my H was still in the house.
She threatened him constantly but always veiled....she was running the washer and dryer constantly...the same load over and over and running the heat at full blast with the doors all open. When he would tell her to stop, she would text him saying 'oh, I know you just love having your towels well washed' and stupid stuff like that to let him know if he did anything, she would punish him while he was at work. He had most of his life packed into his car trunk so she couldn't get to it. She would leave little signs so that he knew she had been in our room while he was gone though he'd told her to stay out.
It was just ridiculous...but the police weren't exactly helpful. They did call her and tell her to stay away. I guess there's that.
I guess I can call and just ask them to be vigilant.
Ugh I hate this.

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