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Feel like I'm down the rabbit hole..

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roughroadahead posted 6/30/2013 21:44 PM

I have been looking at places to go for a weekend away with the kids (with my parents' assistance). There are a couple of cool cities within reasonable driving distance that have things the kids would love. Some of these attractions have links to book a hotel.

One of the hotels has a corporate account number filled in. A hotel I know to be one of his favorites. He is not a frequent business traveler (by which I mean he went away like once), and we hadn't even had this computer that long prior to S.

This computer did belong to my mother's school previously. They had written it off for an entirely fixable tech problem. I suppose it could be their account number, but there's not a lot of travel there either.

So is waffle (or MOW) stupid enough to use a corporate account to book an A-related hotel room? Was Waffle fired for fraudulent use of said account number after all? Was it MOW, and she wasn't caught?

I want to explain it away as a remnant of the computer's "past life", but it doesn't fit as easily. Especially since it's Waffle's favorite hotel chain.

The part I am struggling with is whether he really did go to such lengths as to fraudulently use a corporate account for a hotel fuckfest. If he did, who the fuck is this person? It is so unnerving to have been married to a total stranger.

SBB posted 7/1/2013 05:46 AM

God I hate lightbulb moments - as necessary as they are painful. I still have them to this day.

Whilst we were looking through the sad clowns emails to OWUglyIndian I noticed hundreds to OWUmpteen (who I did not suspect - she is 24, I trusted her taste more than his fidelity). I can still see the full pages of her name on the screen in my minds eye.

I got that lump in my throat looking at them - it seemed all work related but even still it was OTT (she's the office gopher, he's her boss).

We both gaslighted the fuck out of me that night.

It may or may not be the account they used. If you really want to know you could make a phone call to the hotel and ask them what company name the account number refers to.

Whether its a lightbulb moment or a trigger I'm just so very sorry you have this in your life at all. I'm sorry I do to.


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gypsybird87 posted 7/2/2013 16:06 PM


I hate running into things like this. It truly is a reminder that I was married to a complete stranger and didn't know it.

The thing is.... he was a bad person. He lied to you, he cheated on you, he broke the most sacred vow a man can make. So is it really surprising that he would misuse a corporate account to finance his playtime? No.

I keep learning new (and shitty) things that my EWH has done. I've learned he's an equal opportunity deceiver. No one, including OW, has been left out of his lies. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for her. She knew he was a liar and a cheater, obviously, but I think she seriously has NO CLUE what she has gotten herself in for.

Anyway, I know this hotel thing seems really important, but its not. Try to view it (and other things you may discover over time) as validation that this guy is a complete dirtbag, dishonest in every way, and you are well rid of him.

My advice is to book an amazing get-away with your kiddos, and stay at any other hotel chain except that one. Have a wonderful trip and don't waste a moment of it thinking about him!!

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