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pjkmkjm23 posted 7/1/2013 07:00 AM

I rcvd a letter last month informing me that my petition for divorce would be granted and in 30 days it would be official. Today is 30 days. I 'believe' I am divorced today!!

I am out of town and haven't got my mail in a few days so I don't know if I get mailed anything else or this is it?! Seems rather anti-climatic. After all our years M and the big deal it was to get M and all the work and celebrating....a simple signature from a judge and wait 30 days brings it all to a close!?

Well, it's Canada Day here today too so if I'm right about today this holiday will also always have another meaning to me now. I'm's good and bad. I'm glad to be out now but I also really meant my vows when I said them (who doesn't?!) and I didn't want my kids to go through this as I did and always promised myself I'd work hard through anything in my M instead of just giving that seems the normal thing to do these days. But infidelity changes everything...and I got a double dose....and you can only take so much.

So I may or may not be divorced today...I think I am....I feel like I am. Thanks SI for being there for me throughout all of this so far

nowiknow23 posted 7/1/2013 07:03 AM


jo2love posted 7/1/2013 10:57 AM


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