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how much to tip your hairdresser?

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letitout posted 7/1/2013 14:26 PM

I am so confused on tipping various acts of service.

One in particular is my hairdresser. I am very generous usually 20-25% tip.

BUT.. she owns the place and I read somewhere that you usually don't tip the owner because they are the ones to set the prices to begin with.

Any input?

GabyBaby posted 7/1/2013 14:31 PM

You arent required to tip the owner since she gets a portion of all the other stylists' tips/fees (if what I recall is correct).

Personally 20-25% is extremely generous. I tend to be a lot more ummm...frugal with my tipping, generally adding approximately 10% and maxing out at around 15%. On a very well done $35 haircut, I'll tip around $5 extra.

TrustNoOne posted 7/1/2013 14:34 PM

My Stylist is an Independent. She leases booth space at a salon. She sets her prices not the salon owner.

Her prices are high, even for a beach front community in San Diego - so I generally tip her $50, even when my services total means that's less than 20%.

Most often, my services are in the $200 range. If I'm having a full weave of hi-lites, low-lites, cut and Brazillian; along with purchasing products- sometimes my bill can reach $500. I still tip $50.

It all balances out to ~20% give or take. I've been her customer for over 10 years.

MissesJai posted 7/1/2013 14:37 PM

My gal rents her booth and sets her prices as well. She charges me $35 for a cut. I give her $5. That's fair, IMO.

Amazonia posted 7/1/2013 14:48 PM

I tip 20%. That's what I've always heard for hair/nails/waxing.

ETA: I usually also tip the wash person $2 flat. $3 if they give me a scalp massage.

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Crescita posted 7/1/2013 14:51 PM

My usual tip is more time based than price based, about $5 per half hour. I've tipped that way at cheap places and they've been quite surprised, but it does tend to work out to 15-25% with a higher priced stylist. I also tip if they rent a chair or the salon. I figure they can price what their experience, supplies and expenses are worth, that shouldn't change my appreciation for their time.

karmahappens posted 7/1/2013 14:58 PM

My usual tip is more time based than price based

Me too.

I am a no frills gal, cheap haircuts, don't color anymore so it costs me 20 bucks for a haircut...but I get it washed,cut, dried and styled so I usually give her 10 bucks.

I tip 10 bucks for my mani too. It's only 25 bucks, but they take off my old polish and they always put on 3 coats.

I tip more based on what they are doing for me vs the price they have set.

I used to spend 250 a month on my hair and tipped the 20% then.

letitout posted 7/1/2013 16:16 PM

Thanks for your imput. I think I will continue tipping but scale it down a little. I've been going to her since we've moved here 4 years ago and she has listened to all my sob stories about WH, so I guess she is less expensive than my IC! lol.

Eranda posted 7/1/2013 19:45 PM

I have my hair colored and cutabout every 6-7 weeks. She charges $55 and I give her $67. So that's a little over 20%.

Now that I'm reading what people here spend... I don't feel so bad about my haircolor/cut expenses!! I'm getting off cheap apparently

StrongerOne posted 7/2/2013 08:39 AM

My hairdresser owns her salon. She has two other stylists, no other employees. She's been cutting and coloring my hair for eight years.

I tip $10 every time, regardless of the cost (cut = $40, I give her $50. Cut and Color = $100, I give her $110). I also give her a gift card to her favorite organic grocery at the holidays -- depending on how much $ we've been spending on my son's med care, that can be anywhere from a $25 to $100 gift card.

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