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I'm so dumb!

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Ariabook posted 7/1/2013 16:50 PM

I don't know where to start SI. Wow, I'm so dumb, and you guys were so right.

He was fine. OK. Doing GREAT. AWESOME. Boy, I feel so dumb and doing a horrible job at holding back my tears.

MartlArts posted 7/1/2013 16:58 PM

Don't know facts and details, but you're not DUMB for wanting to believe the best of someone you love. I'm sorry you're hurting. It's on him, not you.

karmahappens posted 7/1/2013 17:01 PM

There is nothing dumb about loving and trusting someone.


It's time to turn it around and time to start loving you right now.

We are here if you want to get it out.

sisoon posted 7/1/2013 17:27 PM

I know you feel like the tears will never end, but they will. Your grief, anger, and fear are all to real, and sometimes - often - tears are the best way to let those feelings go.

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jo2love posted 7/1/2013 18:42 PM


You are not dumb. You love and trusted him. We don't expect those we love to cause us immense pain. It's ok to cry. It helps to let it out. I've sobbed on the floor countless times after Dday. It does get better. Please keep posting. We are here for you.

Sending you strength.

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Jospehine85 posted 7/1/2013 19:01 PM

You are a good person.

He is an a$$hole.

You respect people and give them the benefit of the doubt.

He does not respect people and should never again be given the benefit of a doubt.

Stay strong.

dameia posted 7/1/2013 19:15 PM

I told my WH how I was such an idiot for trusting him. His reply was, "You're not an idiot for trusting the one person who should never betray you. All it means is you're a good, decent person."


You're not dumb. You are a good person, and good people expect the best from others. Much too often we are let down.

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