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disgusted by most ppl

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huRtZ413 posted 7/1/2013 18:16 PM

adultery is everywhere !
i hate that its taken so lightly .
i grew up in a family where it happened a lot actually my mother was cheated on repeatedly by my father and given std's and during the time of their separation my mother was involved with attached men . As were my sisters who also participated in these behaviors accept me( except an incident where i wasn't not aware my then thought to be bf had a pregnant GF i was hurt and confused teen years ... luckily it never was sexual just the first kiss yeah ruined ) but never knowingly entered that .

i admit though my relationship skills were faulty . as i was the type to break up to be see someone else or with the intentions of seeing someone else with out giving the OP a real reason . i hate confrontation

but i wouldn't cut it off before things got physical this being my high school years . i didn't have anyone to teach me about relationship all i ever got was date a lot all you can make sure the guy has money .....really??? my family i tell ya !!!

my mom always said all men cheat and are dogs so make sure he at least supports you . they will beat you if you dont take care of wifely duties and when you get old expect them to trade you in .

i hate this shit

when did women lose their integrity and self worth ? why do women complain about being done wrong and go out and do it to some other women !!!! we should be able to relate and stick up for each other even if we dont know each other .

men where did the loose moral come into play isnt the love and devotion and making you a father not enough that you have to high five the next guy that gets a girl on the side , its a numbers game and another notch its gross.

i learned anything is that i know where i stand morally and i still have my self respect even though its in question sometimes when i think wow im really staying ....

if gods willing we can get past it, but if i get pointed down a diff path im making sure that i stick to my morals and being open and communicating . im trying to do so now but its a little late . i wish ppl took things more serious maybe the did maybe they didnt know they were cheaters.

i know my WH says i didnt think id ever cheat, and look at me im a cheater . yeah i didnt think you were either guy.

sunflowergirl30 posted 7/1/2013 22:06 PM

I have always been perplexed how women who are cheated on, betrayed can turn around and do it to another woman. Mow was cheated on, her marriage was a wreck. How she handled it. Calling up my wh and helping him literally screw up everything. Its sick.

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