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Gottagetthrough posted 7/1/2013 20:48 PM

can you accidentally block someone

has anyone heard of a glitch where someone is unintentionally blocked, or is that just bs from someone who wanted to block you, but doesn't want you to know

nowiknow23 posted 7/1/2013 20:53 PM

I'm going to go with BS. Have you tried to block someone yourself? It's not a one click OOPS kind of thing.

Gottagetthrough posted 7/1/2013 20:59 PM

yeah, that's what I was thinking! someone I know had a relative do this... they asked the relative why they got unfriended, and the relative said oh, facebook glitch! its been happening!

Now, same person has a second relative who unfriended and blocked them... the person said oh, must be that facebook glitch again!

I have only heard about this facebook glitch from my friend, though!

Kajem posted 7/1/2013 21:15 PM

I've had facebook glitches that were the reverse... like when they rolled out the (mandatory) timeline - my blocked list was empty...I had to reblock those people.

But block someone by glitch.. no.

Amazonia posted 7/2/2013 06:20 AM

Is your friend kind of obnoxious on Facebook?

Mama_of_3_Kids posted 7/2/2013 20:37 PM

It has actually happened to me...I've had people who say they didn't unfriend me and I know I didn't unfriend them (they were the one's who contacted me about it). As far as blocking, not sure about that one...

Mama_of_3_Kids posted 7/3/2013 10:29 AM

Also, I've noticed that FB seems very quirky over the last few days. I haven't been getting updates until a long while after and it's not showing likes/comments, at times. Could possibly be related???

Gottagetthrough posted 7/6/2013 07:18 AM

Is your friend kind of obnoxious on Facebook?

No! That's the weird part we were trying to figure out if friend had done anything to tick off the relative.

friend is one of those people who reads fb but rarely posts. (and then 99% of the time its Happy Birthday)

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Amazonia posted 7/6/2013 08:34 AM

I've seen people choose to block someone because they felt like that person was "spying" by reading but not posting.... Is there family drama afoot?

musiclovingmom posted 7/6/2013 15:22 PM

I have had friends disappear from my friends list without either one of us unfriending the other. But, that has never extended to blocking or being blocked.

Gottagetthrough posted 7/6/2013 17:11 PM

hmmm... ok, friend got unfriended and blocked shortly after they asked about a picture on facebook (it was the blocker's kids operating a lemonade stand. the post was "Oh cute, was that for school or boy scouts, or do they get to pocket it all".) LOL my poor friend rarely comments and has vowed never to again! I told them I think what they said was fine.

My friend also recently had their wedding anniversary and their spouse posted a photo of their wedding & tagged my friend. Friend's relative is having some marital issues, and perhaps a Happy Anniversary post where several people wished them a happy anniversary, etc... maybe that was a bit much to keep popping up on the relative's screen

Thus the blocking (even if the relative simply unfriended my friend, the post would show up when mutual friends liked or commented on the happy anniversary picture)

I'm more apt to think its that wedding photo.

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Lucky posted 7/6/2013 17:58 PM

You can't accidently block someone as you have to actually type in their name.

I have had FB unfriend me from people during the "upgrades"

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