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Sandwiches for dinner

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Jrazz posted 7/1/2013 21:32 PM

Bringing Nawlins to a kitchen near ME.

Huge crazy thank you to Jpapa for carrying this heavy jar across the United States so that we could recreate the world's most pimp sandwich.


He made me promise to share with Crazz....

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 7/1/2013 21:38 PM

Awesome!! Just curious: why don't you melt the cheese??

jrc1963 posted 7/1/2013 21:48 PM


gahurts posted 7/1/2013 22:32 PM

That looks delicious!!!

Jrazz posted 7/1/2013 22:42 PM

They were painfully delicious.

ETA: You don't melt the cheese because that's how Central Grocery makes them, and their sandwiches are LAW. As a lawful-good I do not deviate from the recipe EVER. It's perfection, so it's win-win.

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ThoughtIKnewYa posted 7/1/2013 22:45 PM

That's why I asked! I thought it was probably something like that.

Sad in AZ posted 7/1/2013 22:47 PM

I was wondering why you were eating dinner at 10pm; stupid time zones!

stilllovinghim posted 7/1/2013 23:43 PM

Ooooohhhhhwwweee hunny!

My daddy and I used to stop at this lil 'ol place in Mississippi right off the free way, bout a rocks throw from Lasianna and get sum u dees:

Shrimp po boys...I garuuuunnntee!! 'Crept where we went they weren't served on no fancy plates.

Hopefully that place is still there. Good folks serving good food for practically free.

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sisoon posted 7/2/2013 00:12 AM

For po'boys, there's this place South of NOLA, along the river near the little pond that's supposed to have a locomotive in it, ever since the flood of 1927, a few miles North of the where the road stops. Best po'boy ever.

Not as good as CM's muffaletta, though....

I had a sandwich for dinner, too - almond butter on fresh, fresh French bread. Terrific!

Not as good as a CM muffaletta, though.

MerryMeNot posted 7/2/2013 00:13 AM

Now if someone will just post a picture of a grilled cheese sandwich, I can have my eyegasm

stilllovinghim posted 7/2/2013 00:44 AM

Croque Monsieur ok?

LosferWords posted 7/2/2013 01:11 AM

That muffaletta sandwich looks brilliant, Jrazz. Is that provolone?

Jrazz posted 7/2/2013 01:32 AM


I typically don't care for provolone, but it's tres necessary here, and makes the sandwich taste magical!

MerryMeNot posted 7/2/2013 01:42 AM

Croque monsieur - oui, OUI, OUIIIIIIIIIII!

*lighting a cigarette* Thanks

itainteasy posted 7/2/2013 09:46 AM

We have a sandwich shop here, called Picasso's. I don't know if they are chain or not, but I don't know how they stayed out of my life for as long as they did.

Last night I had a "Mona Lisa". Turkey, tomato, baby spinach, artichoke hearts, havarti, and pesto mayo pressed and grilled.

It was the best sandwich I have ever had.

Jrazz posted 7/2/2013 12:00 PM

OMG itainteasy, that sounds off the CHAIN!

jrc1963 posted 7/2/2013 14:33 PM


What meats do you use?

Jrazz posted 7/2/2013 14:40 PM

Salami, ham, and mortadella.

Truthfully, I did not have the resources to get the PREMIUM meats required, but we passed muster with what I could find.

Amazonia posted 7/2/2013 17:51 PM

You're making me so hungry!!

nowiknow23 posted 7/2/2013 18:20 PM

Last night I had a "Mona Lisa". Turkey, tomato, baby spinach, artichoke hearts, havarti, and pesto mayo pressed and grilled.

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