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Annoying things about online group work

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tesla posted 7/2/2013 11:39 AM

Sigh. I don't really mind working as a group if the group is doing the work on time! I'm taking a leadership in ed course: personal attributes in leadership. We've identified our briggs-meyers personalities and now have been placed into groups to develop inclusive leadership guidelines based on research articles. (I know, it probably sounds like bs, but it actually is a well structured and thought out course). Anyhoo, I posted my research yesterday and am waiting for my other group members to post theirs as we are supposed to discuss our findings and do some other things. Nobody has posted yet and my frustration level is rising. It's not really fair to them because technically, their research post is not due until midnight tonight...but we have a lot more stuff to do and I'd like to have a little time off to enjoy the fourth...but it's not looking like that is going to happen.
Just a vent, I guess.

tryingagain74 posted 7/2/2013 12:29 PM

As a teacher, I do assign group work because the students need to learn to work with a diverse bunch of people, but as a student I HATED it. I always ended up being the driving force who led the group, and I often ended up with people who did sub-par or little work while I carried the load (and believe me, it wasn't because I strong-armed people into doing what I wanted... I'd literally end up with people who never did homework or were just content to let someone else make the decisions).

The assignment is due tonight at midnight? Yeah, I'd be annoyed that no one else had done anything as well.

Crescita posted 7/2/2013 13:03 PM

I hate this stuff too. Can you email your group and ask for their rough drafts so you can get a head start on the next portion of the assignment? I'm sure a couple have something they could send you even if they aren't ready to submit. Also, some people just need a little extra prodding to consider how their actions affect others. They might be inclined to up their mental deadline if they have another motivator.

Amazonia posted 7/2/2013 14:18 PM

Flip side here, are some of them working full time while doing this program? I had one group project my first semester in my current (night school) program with a girl who is only doing school right now. She kept asking if I could take time off work to get together to work on the project during the day, because she wanted to go out in the evenings.

If they're at work all day, they might not be able to focus on homework until the evening.

ajsmom posted 7/2/2013 14:46 PM

Master’s Program, right?

Deadline driven, correct?

Most folks in these programs are juggling full time work, families, grocery shopping, taking the kids to and fro, trips to the pediatrician, caring for or assisting with elderly parents in addition to trying to cram five plus days of work into three this week with the holiday. Oh, and then there's their homework.

All read: BUSY.

Let me take a shot here and venture to say that you scored high in the “driver” personality – simplified from B-M for clarity’s sake – someone who takes things by the horns. My guess is that your “placed” group is really a mix of all the personality profiles to gauge the abilities of each other to handle not just the task at hand but the in’s and out’s of each person’s personality.

In other words, it’s part of the “test” – how well you can handle different personalities in a work group, a key part of leadership and group dynamics.

Deep breaths here. They have the deadline and I’m assuming they understand what’s expected of them. Try and relax and save your anxiety and frustration for when and if they really do miss turning their work in on time.


tesla posted 7/2/2013 17:58 PM

Everyone in my group is a teacher, no one is teaching summer school, nor working a second job. None of my group mates have kids. All are about 25. Not that they don't have anything else to do but I figured they wouldn't want to be doing coursework on the 4th.

And yes, the instructor placed our groups to help us wade through the joys of group dynamics and to push us to address each others' weaknesses and support each others' strengths. I get this. It's still annoying.
But I promise, I will take deep breaths and not sweat the small stuff...however, something tells me I'll be a lot more irritated after the school year starts.

tesla posted 7/2/2013 20:32 PM

Sorry, just had a realization: I think I get antsy because I need time to think, digest, write and revise shit. I don't do my best work running up against deadlines.

StrongerOne posted 7/2/2013 20:39 PM

The work isn't due until midnight. So no one is late turning it in. They are just not as early as you. You can't assume they're not working on it -- entirely possible that they ARE working on it and have not yet posted it.

Stop looking to see if anyone has posted. It will not make it happen any faster, and it will just drive you crazy. Don't look until tomorrow morning!

I have lots of online group work with my colleagues. Sometimes my work is early and sometimes it is posted right at the deadline. I would be pretty po'd if anyone complained that it wasn't posted early enough. Now if someone asked in advance for me to post my work earlier, and gave me a reasonable reason, and I could do it, then I would.

I know, you know all this...deep breaths!

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