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unfound posted 7/2/2013 12:42 PM

a visual on how to let someone know you do not hug people of the opposite sex .

I'm not a big hugger, never have personal space with most people is orangutang arms length. I have become skilled in avoiding hugs from those I don't want them from. tense body, furrowed brow, slow or fast step backwards depending on the incoming huggers speed, hell, I'd learn to moonwalk if it would help .

now, in R, it's even more a boundary for me, for additional reasons, and is one mr unfound has as well. I'm sure it's not an issue for some, but it's a part of our R .

might try this technique next time a repeat hugger doesn't get the message!

I put this in R to show that there are always ways to defend your boundaries when people try to cross them (even innocently). plus it's frigging hilarious

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Lifechange posted 7/2/2013 14:16 PM

I relate to you - I'm not a big hugger either. Maybe I should say I'm not a casual hugger.

I appreciate that you acknowledge that there are reasons some people need to learn techniques on how to deter the well-meaning (I'll give them the benefit of the doubt) huggers.

This has been a constant problem in our M and seems to be slowly returning in our R, after the strict boundary guidelines after d-day.

Even after d-day, finding out my husband had a LTA, several women friends and relatives all had to hug my husband, to show their support, I guess.

It's very triggering for me.

Anyway, I agree it can be a problem.

knightsbff posted 7/2/2013 14:37 PM

A good friend of mine is in the process of D with her unremorseful WH. I was at her house the other day helping to prepare for her DD's wedding and he showed up. I put out my hand to shake and he pulled me in for a hug. As a WW I do not want to hug any man who isn't family but we live in the south and hugging is the norm here. I didn't find a way to avoid it and felt like crap for her and me. (She doesn't know about my wayward status.) I told my BH immediately afterward and he wasn't thrilled either. I really need a good plan to enforce this boundary.

ETA my BH says Jiu-jitsu is an option.

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