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He has 3 years

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frigidfire86 posted 7/3/2013 12:39 PM

I know that seems like a long time for some people, but that's how long my H has to prove to me he wants our M to work or I'm out the door.

It's been 2 years since D-day and he's done the bare minimum so far. We had a heart-to-heart talk today and it went about as well as expected. I told him how unhappy I am/have been. I asked him, again, to go to MC with me. I said I think about D a lot, at least on a weekly basis, if not more. I had a dream last night that made me trigger today. It was about me leaving him and him not giving a shit that I'm gone. Basically, the dream was pretty much exactly how I feel IRL. I've asked him several times (including today) what he'd do if I left. Today he was silent (like through most of the conversation), but previous times he told me he'd miss our daughter. No mention of missing me or wanting me in his life. I'm glad he at least feels something about it (i.e. missing daughter), but it's not enough. I want, NEED, to be important, too. I'm giving him 3 years because I need that much time to finish my degree so I can get a decent job to support our daughter on my own if necessary. Plus, filing for D while living overseas, moving back to the states, etc is a pain in the ass and costly. It's not like our M is horrible. He doesn't beat me, doesn't screw us over financially, isn't an addict, etc. I just thought, maybe stupidly, that there should be more good days in a M than there are bad. I don't feel respected. He's condescending and critical a lot of the time. When good things do happen, like getting accepted into the university that has a low acceptance rate, he is never happy for me. He just seems to not care. Our sex life is meh. We have sex often enough, I guess, but it's just not good. We don't connect anymore. I'm tired of always doing all the work. I plan EVERYTHING. I take care of the finances, our daughter, the house, pets, etc. If appointments need to be made, I do it. If we have to call the bank for something, I do it. I plan vacations, get gifts and make phone calls for birthdays, Christmas, etc for not only our daughter and my family, but his family, too.

He has 3 years. That's it. That is all I'm willing to give him. Until then, I'm going to finish school, save some money, and enjoy traveling around Europe. At that point, if he hasn't done enough (or anything like so far), I'll only be 30 and haven't wasted a ridiculous amount of time.

NeverAgain2013 posted 7/3/2013 12:49 PM

He's SO disconnected. He's lucky he got ONE year and quite honestly, I'd never give him 3. But you need to stay until your schooling is done so the choice has kind of been made for you.

Good luck to you.

confused615 posted 7/3/2013 13:12 PM

I understand. Mine has 2.


frigidfire86 posted 7/3/2013 13:47 PM

I am not perfect either...not even close, but I'm TRYING. He's just not doing anything. I wish so much that I was done with school, or at least didn't have so much left to do. Ugh. This sucks ass.

ETA: I also told him that I am still waiting for an apology. Not the crappy "I'm sorry I'm stupid" junk he gave me before, but an actual heartfelt, he understands that he broke my heart kind of apology. Still waiting...

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