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t/j on age of the OP

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Lionne posted 7/3/2013 18:43 PM

I posted this before but had forgotten about it. And it may make some of you with virtual WSs feel better...

A friend of mine told a story about someone who came to her asking for help with photo editing. He specifically wanted help with portraits. It seems that he had a very specialized clientele; people who worked on the phone chat lines.

Apparently, many of them are grossly overweight, and this is a job they can do from home. But, since most clients are looking for a different image, they need to heavily edit their photos. They don't want to use someone else's photos, that would be "dishonest." Hence the photo editing option.

Oh, and a great many of them were transvestites.

Not that it will matter in some ways, they still cheated on you. But, if you are like me at all, a part of you still thinks there was something missing in you, you weren't "something" enough.

Neither are these phone folks. It really IS all about the fantasy...

Ashland13 posted 7/3/2013 20:40 PM

Thank you, Kat. I'm a BS but this struck me as interesting, your post, because OW in the case of STBX is a massive person.

They plastered things all over the internet and I though I don't look any more, deleted any and all of my pages, I noticed that OW's always had a kind of odd quality-like in the 80's where they do fuzzy backgrounds or something like that.

STBX's pictures also looked very mocked up and I almost didn't recognize him-expressions that reminded me of Toonsis the Driving Cat, do you know what I mean?

In his "other life" in his marriage, he would have been horrified to view himself that way.

SBB posted 7/4/2013 06:50 AM

I'm pretty sure OWUglyIndian used to be a dude.

No amount of photoshopping compares to the rose-coloured glasses of a WS in luurve schmoopy-ville. Within a few days this she-man was "the one"... again.

They don't just misrepresent their looks - they misrepresent their character. Two low hanging fruits so lazy they can only be bothered reaching out to other low hanging fruits.

Reminds me of the stretch and skew story where a WS edited a photo of his junk using the stretch/skew function in powerpoint. Oh, it still makes me laaarf!!

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