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Naked and Afraid

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Mama_of_3_Kids posted 7/3/2013 23:06 PM

Anyone watched this show? I understand the afraid part, but not the naked. Why must they be naked? I don't think I'd be comfortable being naked with someone (male or female) for 21 days (unless it was Do3K)

ETA: I'm also pretty sure the naked part would lead to bug bites in not very, uhm, good places

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Sad in AZ posted 7/3/2013 23:56 PM

I only have experience with naked chefing; this is how I prepare dinner when I come home from the gym (after my day at work) and it's so stinking hot!

Bug bites are not an issue, but until I started having cereal for dinner, burns were definitely a possibility...

5454real posted 7/4/2013 00:02 AM

sex sells. need I say more?

ok, I have to. I'm basically a nudist inside my house when the children aren't here. I really don't know why, other than I'm kind of a rebel inside. that and it saves on my laundry bill .

Mama_of_3_Kids posted 7/4/2013 08:39 AM


545, I have no issue with someone being a nudist...I just don't understand why anyone would want to or agree to being nude, in the middle of the wilderness

jjct posted 7/4/2013 08:56 AM

Reminds me of Tom Brown Jr.
Ever hear of him?
His first book was "Tracker".
Cool stuff!

Anyway, he once wandered in to the barrens of New Jersey, shedding his clothes - in the winter! - and ended up nakey in a snow drift up to his waist.

He stayed a whole year (starting with nothing = nakey!) & when he came out, he had gained weight from his survival skillz.

metamorphisis posted 7/4/2013 10:48 AM

I've never seen it. But I did see a picture online of one of the producers foot. I guess he went to scout the location, and was bitten by some awful snake. I am warning you DO NOT go looking for that picture. He's foot was almost gone. You could see the tendons and muscles and bone
It came up as an article about how the contestants have to sign waivers knowing they could be bitten by something like this snake and then there was a "Click here if you dare" link. And because I am an idiot I dared. OMG. It was freaking awful

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