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I think we may be ok

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huRtZ413 posted 7/5/2013 08:46 AM

so its only been 2 months i know ppl here will say that im nowhere near over this huge roller coaster ride that i say i know .

ive been having a good week , thoughts of the ONS still make me sad and feel flat but the WH has been really attentive and loving so its been easier . we have been talking not about the ONS or my "Adventure during our break up" ( before marriage i had sex with someone and kept it secret for 6 years he was under the impression he was my 1st and only) but anyways we just talked about our love and what we want out of this and how he wants more for us to be diff in every way and how he wants to show our daughters what love looks like and that he and i can no longer keep things from each other and that we need a open line of communication every aspect of our lives.

he knows trust comes with time and action and i guess i cant undo my lying but im honest now and have been about everything else and we have been able to talk without huge fights and crying and thinking were over . he sees me hurt though it bothers him to see me upset he understands and trys to comfort me and the same for him he gets angry knowing someone had their hands on me (yeah i know ) our shit is complicated because we were separated but doesnt make it not hurt if you love the person just doesnt make it a cheat but it was a lie.

i guess this is just an update were good i guess mostly because we had days to talk for hours about the ONS and there just isnt anymore to say about it it was within a 3 hour span from the hello to the get the fuck out of here. sooo all there is now is crying and sayin babe im hurt , or im thinking about it .

doesitgetbetter posted 7/5/2013 09:54 AM

It's good that you're in a good spot right now. Enjoy it while it lasts!

My H had a few ONS's during our M, and even though his lasted less than 3 hours all combined, I can promise you there were years of talks ahead and questions. I remember being where you are right now, I referred to it as the honeymoon phase. It's a great place to regroup and get strength for the real anger to set in. It's also often a time of TT for many unfortunately.

Mark in your journal your good times so when the bad times come again you can read that they aren't ALWAYS bad. This helped me tremendously during the anger phase.

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