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Trkdrvr1980 posted 7/7/2013 22:51 PM

My first post was a brief explanation of myself and my affairs. I think it would be easier for me to break them down by individual affairs instead of writing a long post encompassing them all.
My first A started out as a "just friends" scenario she was a mutual friend of my wife and I. My wife and I were going through a rough time due to her being pregnant and I turned to this "friend" as a means of venting my frustrations. I realize now that I should have discussed these issues with my wife. Anyways this "friend" started to look more appealing then my wife at the time, I was receiving attention from her that I felt I wasn't getting at home and our relationship went from friends to lovers. I would spend time with this women that I should've spent with my wife and family. I spent effort and emotions that should've been reserved for my wife. I would blow my wife off and ignore her just to be with this other women who didn't even mean anything to me. Well I guess that's not correct if she didn't mean anything to me then why did I spend so much time and effort on her?(something I need to give more thought to). I would see this women once every two to three weeks over a time frame of 16-18 months (dates are fuzzy to me)mostly on her days off. My wife kept asking me if something was going on between us and I would constantly tell her that we were "just friends" (btw I am in the process of reading that book, very informative).We would have sex and I would leave. On one occasion I even fixed her kitchen cabinets. We went out in public twice once for dinner and once for lunch. When we went out for dinner at the time we were only friends, when we had the second date we were already lovers. We never made a public display of affection that was always behind closed doors. The end of this A began the beginning of my next A

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