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I'm a wreck.

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stillsad1970 posted 7/8/2013 03:22 AM

4am and I just left the cottage where my husband still is. It started with my In laws asking us to sell our home so they wouldn't their cottage. The money from our house was given to them and they built a granny suite on the same property. The perfect storm for the beginning on my H A.
I didn't want to do it but felt pressured so my H family wouldn't loose the family cottage.
Sold my home and lived with the in laws for, what was supposed to be 6 weeks. Its been 6 months and still not completed. I checked out in August when when house got listed for selling. No husband to have my back. He didn't want to loose it either. With me checked out he started an affair with a coworker. March he said he didn't want to be married. I didn't fight and took back the money from my house and bought a condo in town.

Life was hell for 3 months but I had my place and was slowly moving on. Mid June my WH called for coffee, why not. He had a full mental breakdown for 3 days. He's done everything right and necessary for R but not sure if I can do it.
I had to leave the cottage this morning, couldn't handle it. Too many triggers.
Home now and waiting to see if he will show up for some ,any kind of reassurance, that I am not to blame for my roller-coaster of emotions. I told him before we went there this eve this might happen and he said we didn't have to go if I wasn't ready.

We shall see. Either way, I'm at the point where I could be ok with which ever way this goes.

unfound posted 7/8/2013 13:04 PM

there's nothing wrong with removing yourself from a triggery place.

I hope he came through for you with the reassurance you're looking for.

stillsad1970 posted 7/8/2013 17:22 PM

I did thank you and my husband came home right behind me. I, we, will be ok.

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