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callmecrazy posted 7/8/2013 09:23 AM

My WH is trying to show me his changes. He agreed to multiple things that look/sound good...but after a month he is still looking at me like I should be happy he said he'd give me phone records and said we'd make a budget together ...BUT I HAVE NEITHER. Same old thing...sure honey we'll do it. Sorry Im so busy at work. He has barely helped out around the house despite me explaining how stressed I get w work kids etc. I have to work my stressful job so he can do his dream job, which don't pay the bills(why I didnt finish my 4 yr degree after I got preg..I had to get a job) even though I really would love to work part-time and be home with the kids until they are both in school. Im so annoyed...what is in this relationship for me? A cheater who is NOT a partner by any stretch...a taker w bad boundaries. Take take and take some more and ignore the slow death of the person you live with.

I guess my whining is summed up by FREAKING DO SOMETHING MR. ALL TALK NO SHOW!!!!!! Just bc it appears you lost the OW doesnt mean the pre-A problems are we are back to having the same crap marriage only now I cant find an ounce of respect for you bc u are no man. Everyone can say they will do something...I need someone who does something once in a while.

Silly me took time off work thinking he'd find time to sit and work on things w me and now Im just annoyed and mad! He wants to take me on a weekend trip into the city and all I can think is sure try and distract how you really arent doing anything ya big jerk!

UGH! END OF RANT, thanks for listening.

MartlArts posted 7/8/2013 10:39 AM

(CMC). I understand your frustration with unkept promises. I'm mentally kicking him in the pants on your behalf right now. Kick, kick, kick, get off your a##, mister!

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