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I wish them the best...

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gypsybird87 posted 7/8/2013 18:47 PM

... I really, really do. I wish XWH and OW perfect enjoyment of each other and their new life together:


Enjoy supporting your older, barely-employed ex-convict (did jail time for embezzlement) woman.

Enjoy supporting her two grown kids, 19 and 21, who don't work and also live with you. If you're super-lucky, maybe the 21yo's girlfriend and 2yo kid will move in too.

Enjoy that weirdness you feel every time you see your mom, sister, or daughter. What you don't know is that they still see me, frequently. They love ME, and they don't like your new Frankenskank. They love YOU, but they think you're an idiot.

Enjoy having absolutely, positively NO friends.

And most of all, enjoy knowing that your worst fears have come true: you have turned out just like your selfish, bullying, cheating, narcissistic ass of a father.

To the OW,

Enjoy listening to your new man barf after he (frequently) overeats.

Enjoy shaving his back hair.

Enjoy dealing with his difficult father (see above), and knowing that your new honey is on the same ugly path.

Enjoy watching him be manipulated by his prior XW in every way, including paying child support to her for a kid that hasn't lived with her in over a year.

On the same note, enjoy living with the most cowardly man you'll likely ever meet.

Enjoy being lied to. I guarantee it has already happened many, many times.

Enjoying having wet, smelly laundry and your home stinking like pee because your new man's 17yo son still wets the bed several times a week. (yes, SEVENTEEN!) Oh, and don't bother trying to set up a doctors appt or do anything about it, your new man will not let you, because he feels its a reflection on HIM.

And most of all, enjoy being cheated on. He cheated with you, eventually he will cheat on you. Especially since I recently found out that that he has cheated in EVERY relationship he's had, including the mother of his FIVE kids.

I hope you enjoy each other to the fullest!!

What wonderful wishes do you have for your EX and the OW??

*feeling wicked today, lol*

[This message edited by gypsybird87 at 6:55 PM, July 8th (Monday)]

ArkLaMiss posted 7/8/2013 19:05 PM

Lawd, but that was AWESOME !! Please send it, you must. That way she truly does know what a prize turd she married!

ArkLaMiss posted 7/8/2013 19:09 PM

Btw, loved the "Frankenskank" reference, too. What a picture that helps me to conjure up due to your aptly descriptive verbage. You're my hero today, Gypsy! Continue to rock on!

soveryweary posted 7/8/2013 19:21 PM

Lol!!!! Love it.

tesla posted 7/8/2013 20:03 PM

I wish them all the happiness the deserve!

SBB posted 7/8/2013 21:09 PM

I wish them all the happiness they deserve!

^^THIS in a nutshell.

The best revenge is a life well lived. Put your back into it dude! At least try to pretend FFS.

In all honesty I do wish him happiness. Maybe then he would leave me the fuck alone. That is all I wish from him.

MyReturn2Me posted 7/8/2013 21:19 PM


tryingagain74 posted 7/8/2013 21:30 PM

Oh, Gypsybird. What an appropriate post. My XWH married the OW yesterday. Sadly, I was not invited. So, I'll just have to post their wedding gift right here:

To XWH and OW, I present you with many gifts to enjoy in your M:

Enjoy looking over your shoulder every time you go out. My shadow will always be lingering there.

Enjoy worrying about who you will run into. My family and friends are ready and willing to make you feel like the interlopers that you are.

Enjoy the house that you share. It still reflects me in obvious ways that XWH will be loathe to change due to the expense.

Enjoy the awkward moment when people ask you how you met. How will you spin your Ashley Madison hookup?

Enjoy the ripple effect when the five children find out what you did. I will never lie to my children or spin what you did to preserve your image.

Enjoy those first few cracks in the facade when you start to wonder just who it was you married and how much do you actually know about that person?

Enjoy the lust-dampening realities of dirty laundry, nitpicking over expenses, children fighting, pee stains on the toilet, your spouse's nasty habits, and various and sundry viruses that will sweep through the family in what seems like an unending cycle of coughing and snotty tissues.

Enjoy the immense regret you will likely feel. It might actually be the beginning of your redemption, if that's at all possible.

ButterflyGirl posted 7/9/2013 00:15 AM

Enjoy having absolutely, positively NO friends.

And most of all, enjoy knowing that your worst fears have come true: you have turned out just like your selfish, bullying, cheating, narcissistic ass of a father.

I hope my POS enjoys those too..

MOW? Whatever.. You already know who he is, but you're "special." He would never do it to you (again)

sri624 posted 7/9/2013 00:31 AM

I love it!!!!!

gypsybird87 posted 7/9/2013 11:35 AM

I'm glad this brought some smiles. I had fun writing it! Honestly the list could have been much longer.

Trying again, that was a BEAUTIFULLY wrapped wedding gift for your XWH and his OW! I'm sure they will get much pleasure out of "unwrapping" those realizations about each other in these early months of their so-called marriage. I feel for you though.... XWH marrying OW is a huge fear of mine. Kudos to you for handling it with such grace and strength!

In the meantime, whether my XWH and OW marry or not,I agree with Tesla: I wish them as much happiness as they deserve. It's not my fault that they deserve ZERO.

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