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Contacting OW

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byHisGrace posted 7/9/2013 17:06 PM

My husband cheated on me while we were dating and had a child with the OW. He claims not to remember it happening and hardly remembers talking to her. We found out because she had the state find him for child support. It took them a year and a half to find him (they were pursuing the wrong guy with the same name). Once we had a positive DNA test I found the woman on Facebook.

My husband was told not to contact her without petitioning the court for visitation. I want to know if they can actually tell him not to contact her since she has no restraining order on him (or anything else saying he can't contact her). Also, can I contact her?

I don't want to contact her for him but for myself. He doesn't remember the night (he was drunk and blacked out) and I want to know more that he can't or won't tell me. Can I or should I contact her? I am desperate for answers.

Take2 posted 7/9/2013 19:29 PM

I have no idea -- but they might in the OC thread done in the I Can Relate forum...?

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