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WH being amazing but I am still angry, is it normal??

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divergurl posted 7/10/2013 02:58 AM

So WH is doing everything right for R! He is even doing things I didn't ask for! R is going extremly well so why am I still so angry??? I get angry about silly things like his shoes were in the wrong spot on shoe rack!! I know it is silly but I am still just mad at him!! I can see and know he is trying his absolute best to fix this so why am I still mad?? Shouldn't I be happy he is trying??!!! Is this normal?? Is it just a step in this whole shitty process?? Maybe I am rushing myself! I was already angry before and got over it, or so I thought! Is it because I know he is commited to R now that I feel safe to be mad?? UGH!! I am confused!!

karmahappens posted 7/10/2013 04:30 AM

Hey Divergirl

This is only the beginning. You are just coming off a huge trauma and you are going to need a lot of time to process this. There will be anger, sadness, rage and every other emotion out there running through your body for the next 6 months...and when you think you are done it will start up again. It's a roller coaster and it's just the start.

I hope you have gotten yourself into IC and your H has found his own.

At only a month out R isn't even something I would be considering. You both have a lot of work ahead and your husband has some heavy lifting to do.

Take care of you, feel these feelings and don't rush through things.

Take your time.

selkiescot posted 7/10/2013 06:35 AM

it takes years to recover from theis kind of betrayal and being angry is normal.

PrincessPeach06 posted 7/10/2013 06:36 AM

Yep and so far for me it seems to be getting worse :/

DWBH posted 7/10/2013 08:01 AM

Is this normal?? Is it just a step in this whole shitty process?? Maybe I am rushing myself!

Yes, yes, and yes you are. You need to accept these as cycles in the healing process.

solus sto posted 7/10/2013 09:01 AM

Yes, it's very normal, and it will continue for a long, long time (years).

Millions of hugs to you.

Skan posted 7/10/2013 13:40 PM

Oh gosh, if you wern't angry, you'd be abby-normal! This isn't a Honey, I Scratched The Car offense that can be taken care of by a bit of buffing, this is a nuclear bomb just went off in the living room and I'm standing here in strips of skin with 3rd degree burns. He may be applying dressings but it's going to take time, lots of long, consistant doing-it-right time, before you even come out of shock. Actually, I'm glad that you found your anger. Better out than in to fester. (((hugs)))

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