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Suit/Shirt Help!

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spareparts posted 7/10/2013 03:40 AM

Hi All

I'm probably the least fashionable person I know, and as far as I am concerned have no dress sense. Which is fine works for me as I usually manage in a pair of jeans and t-shirt, or short sleeve shirt and trousers for work.

However over the past 2 years I have lost 3 stone (42lbs or 19kgs if you need it that way), I've gone from a 38" waist down to a 34" so have needed some new clothes.

I am going to a wedding in 2 weeks, and upon trying on my old suits, unless someone was getting in with me, there is no way I could wear them any more. So have invested in a new suit. Upon speaking to the groom he has assured me that this is a casual affair with a possible caribean theme running through it. Great like that helps me, and has basically said "whatever you wear is fine don't worry."

I found a suit, I loved the jacket, however the trousers were slim fit and I have large rugby player legs, which pull so tight at the top of any slim fit trousers, that they leave very very little to the imagination and I'm likely to be arrested for indecent exposure! But I managed to find a pair of trousers that pretty much match and all is well in the world. But my problem now is what shirt to wear, I originally picked a black shirt to contrast with the charcoal of the suit, looks quite good I thought... however the shirt I bought is I feel too large now and hangs off me a bit. So rather than just picking up a smaller shirt in the same style I felt maybe I could go a bit crazy and pick something different.. But as previously stated my fashion sense is roughly non existant, and as I feel I hit a winner on the suit jacket, don't want to risk my luck, which is where you guys come in....

In the past my clothing choices have all been dictated by other people (Mum, Girlfriends, Wife etc) so i'm not 100% confident in my abilities but am getting there.. So attached is a link to me in the suit with the original shirt, notice there is no face in the picture as I don't want to scar anyone for life

Now I'm wondering as it is meant to be casual should I also consider whether to go for a polo shirt underneath, baring in mind I'll be in the same clothes from a 2.30pm wedding til, whenever I manage to stagger back to where I am staying... possibly something along the red or purple coloring to stand out against the jacket? Or do I just stick with the black? Other thinking behind polo shirt is that I am an awkward shape, off the shelf shirts are either too small across the chest/shoulders if I want them to fit nicely around the waist, or to fit the shoulders I end up with an incredibly loose waist fitting that leaves a load of bunched up shirt.

Finally, I'm figuring that this is not an occasion to wear one of my superhero belt buckles, but if I did, I was kinda thinking the Batman logo over the Flash....


Williesmom posted 7/10/2013 04:46 AM

Don't wear a polo shirt with a suit jacket. Get a plain shirt in a muted color-you'll get more wear out of something simple, and it won't call attention to you.

Have fun!

Eranda posted 7/10/2013 04:48 AM

For more casual, any shirt without a tie will look good. You can go tucked or untucked for the shirt.

Also- keep in mind that a shirt with a print (pattern or stripe) will be less formal than a solid color.

Find a shirt with an "athletic fit"- they are usually bigger in the shoulder and smaller in the waist.

stronger08 posted 7/10/2013 05:27 AM

Well a charcoal suit certainly is not a Caribbean look. But a man cant go wrong having dark suits. I'm a small framed man and almost every suit I own is a dark shade. They are very versatile as you can change your look with a shirt and tie as needed. If you insist on wearing the suit I'd suggest a button down pink shirt with button collar if your not wearing a tie. Yes men can wear a pink shirt !!! It goes nicely with the charcoal color. Also a light shade of purple (Fuschia) is also a good option. If you want to go along with the relaxed look I would suggest a pair of Docker's in a taupe color along with a darker sports coat. A bright colored buttoned down shirt and brown toned shoes. Driving moccasins are comfortable and look great with this style of dress. Don't overspend and shop online if you can.

jo2love posted 7/10/2013 09:42 AM

I think the black shirt looks great with the suit. I hope you have a wonderful time!

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